Multidimensional Signal, Image, and Video Processing and Coding

2nd Edition

Authors: John Woods
Hardcover ISBN: 9780123814203
eBook ISBN: 9780123814210
Imprint: Academic Press
Published Date: 17th June 2011
Page Count: 616
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This book gives a concise introduction to both image and video processing, providing a balanced coverage between theory, applications and standards. It gives an introduction to both 2-D and 3-D signal processing theory, supported by an introduction to random processes and some essential results from information theory, providing the necessary foundation for a full understanding of the image and video processing concepts that follow. A significant new feature is the explanation of practical network coding methods for image and video transmission. There is also coverage of new approaches such as: super-resolution methods, non-local processing, and directional transforms.

This book also has on-line support that contains many short MATLAB programs that complement examples and exercises on multidimensional signal, image, and video processing. There are numerous short video clips showing applications in video processing and coding, plus a copy of the vidview video player for playing .yuv video files on a Windows PC and an illustration of the effect of packet loss on H.264/AVC coded bitstreams.

New to this edition:

  • New appendices on random processes, information theory
  • New coverage of image analysis – edge detection, linking, clustering, and segmentation
  • Expanded coverage on image sensing and perception, including color spaces.
  • Now summarizes the new MPEG coding standards: scalable video coding (SVC) and multiview video coding (MVC), in addition to coverage of H.264/AVC.

  • Updated video processing material including new example on scalable video coding and more material on object- and region-based video coding.
  • More on video coding for networks including practical network coding (PNC), highlighting the significant advantages of PNC for both video downloading and streaming.

Key Features

  • Only R&D level tutorial that gives an integrated treatment of image and video processing - topics that are interconnected.
  • New chapters on introductory random processes, information theory, and image enhancement and analysis
  • Coverage and discussion of the latest standards in video coding: H.264/AVC and the new scalable video standard (SVC)


R&D engineers, University researchers, graduate students in signal and image processing, computer engineers, web developers, digital cinematographers

Table of Contents



Chapter 1. Two-Dimensional Signals and Systems

1.1 Two-Dimensional Signals

1.2 2-D Discrete-Space Fourier Transform




Chapter 2. Sampling in Two Dimensions

2.1 Sampling Theorem—Rectangular Case

2.2 Sampling Theorem—General Regular Case

2.3 Change of Sample Rate

2.4 Sample-Rate Change—General Case




Chapter 3. Two-Dimensional Systems and Z-Transforms

3.1 Linear Spatial or 2-D Systems

3.2 Z-Transforms

3.3 Regions of Convergence

3.4 Some Z-Transform Properties

3.5 2-D Filter Stability




Chapter 4. 2-D Discrete-Space Transforms

4.1 Discrete Fourier Series

4.2 Discrete Fourier Transform

2-D Discrete Cosine Transform

4.4 Subband/Wavelet Transform

4.5 Fast Transform Algorithms

4.6 Sectioned Convolution Methods




Chapter 5. Two-Dimensional Filter Design

5.1 FIR Filter Design

5.2 IIR Filter Design

5.3 Subband/Wavelet Filter Design




Chapter 6. Image Perception and Sensing

6.1 Light and Luminance

6.2 Still Image Visual Properties

6.3 Time-Variant Human Visual System Properties

6.4 Color

6.5 Color Spaces

6.6 Image Sensors and Displays




Chapter 7. Image Enhancement and Analysis

7.1 Simple Image Processing Filters

7.2 Image Enhancement

7.3 Image Analysis

7.4 Object Detection




Chapter 8. Image Estimation and Restoration

8.1 Two-Dimensional Random


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About the Author

John Woods

Affiliations and Expertise

Professor, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, Troy, NY, USA


"For electrical and computer engineering students in their first or second year of graduate school, Woods (Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, Troy, New York) presents a textbook for a course in digital image and video processing and coding. Students should have completed an undergraduate digital signal processing course and a course in probability. Some sections require knowledge of random processes and information theory, though this second edition introduces them. Among the topics are sampling in two dimensions, image perception and sensing, image estimation and restoration, three dimensional and spatiotemporal processing, and video transmission over networks."--SciTech Book News