Concise Encyclopedia of Semiconducting Materials & Related Technologies

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  • S. Mahajan, Carnegie Mellon University, Pittsburgh, PA, USA
  • L. C. Kimerling, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Cambridge, MA, USA

The development of electronic materials and particularly advances in semiconductor technology have played a central role in the electronics revolution by allowing the production of increasingly cheap and powerful computing equipment and advanced telecommunications devices. This Concise Encyclopedia, which incorporates relevant articles from the acclaimed <em>Encyclopedia of Materials Science and Engineering</em> as well as newly commissioned articles, emphasizes the materials aspects of semiconductors and the technologies important in solid-state electronics. Growth of bulk crystals and epitaxial layers are discussed in the volume and coverage is included of defects and their effects on device behavior. Metallization and passivation issues are also covered. Over 100 alphabetically arranged articles, written by world experts in the field, are each intended to serve as the first source of information on a particular aspect of electronic materials. The volume is extensively illustrated with photographs, diagrams and tables. A bibliography is provided at the end of each article to guide the reader to recent literature. A comprehensive system of cross-references, a three-level subject index and an alphabetical list of articles are included to aid readers in the abstraction of information.
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For graduates and researchers in crystallography, the solid-state and materials science.

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  • Published: April 1992
  • Imprint: PERGAMON
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On turning over the last page I was satisfied that it is indeed a useful edition... The list of contributors includes authors...well recognized as leaders of Research and Development...the Encyclopedia is useful in helping one to master the Babel of modern semiconductor technologies. The book will certainly be a welcome contribution to the reference corner of the libraries of universities, research or industrial centres dealing with semiconductor electronics.
V I Ivanov-Omskii, Semiconductor Science and Technology

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Selected articles. Atomic ordering and phase separation. Bonding theories. Chalcopyrite semiconductors. Characterization of compound semiconductors by etching. Chemical vapor deposition of dielectric and metal films. Connector materials. Defects in epitaxial layers. Defects in silicon: fundamentals. Defects in silicon: processing. Diluted magnetic semiconductors. Dislocations in semiconductors. Electrical laminates. Electronic and optical minerals. Epitaxial metal - semiconductor interfaces. Fine-line lithography. Fine-line metrology. Flip-chip interconnections. Fluorescence properties of materials. Grain boundaries in semiconductors. Growth of semiconductor bulk single crystals. Hydrogen in crystalline semiconductors. Interlevel dielectrics and passivating films. Laser glass. Laser materials. Liquid crystals. Liquid phase epitaxy. Local vibrational mode spectroscopy of semiconductors. Mechanical properties of semiconductors. Molecular beam epitaxy. Multilevel metallization. Organic "soft" thin-film transistor. Organometallic vapor phase epitaxy. Oxygen in Czochralski silicon. Quantum wells. Quantum wells: intrinsic optical properties. Schottky barriers. Semiconductor heterostructures: formation of defects and their reduction. Silicon carbide. Silicon dioxide: bulk properties. Silicon nitride: bulk properties. Silicon-on-insulator film growth. Silicon: properties and materials specifications. Silicon semiconductor devices and integrated circuit processing. Solid conductors. Sputtering. Stress- and current-induced damage in thin-film conductors. Thermoelectric semiconductors. Transmission electron microscopy of semiconductors.