Animal and Translational Models for CNS Drug Discovery

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  • Robert McArthur, McArthur & Associates GmbH, Basel, Switzerland
  • Franco Borsini, Head, Central & Peripheral Nervous System and General Pharmacology Area - R&D Department, sigma-tau SpA, Pomezia (Rome), Italy

Minimize the number of drug candidates that could later fail in human trials! These three volumes provide a unique examination of how animal models are evolving from ?behavioral gut baths? to providing cross-species information relevant to human clinical responses. Each volume provides the views and experiences of leading pre-clinical and clinical investigators who are actively involved in translational research and experimental medicine.Each volume is devoted to specific disorders in three scientific fields: Psychiatric, Neurological, and Reward Deficit.
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<P/>Academic neuroscientists involved in the development and use of animal models of neuropsychiatric disorders to study their basic neurobiology; Academic and pharmaceutical neuroscientists involved in the use of animal models of neuropsychiatric disorders to identify and validate novel targets for potential pharmaceutical treatment of these disorders; Clinical and translational neuroscientists concerned with limitations of present neuropsychiatric clinical trial designs, development of valid biomarkers and cross-species; and Pharmaceutical industry, regulatory body and venture capital executives concerned with improvements in the attrition rate of CNS drug candidates.<P/>

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"These volumes therefore represent the latest, most comprehensive information and perspectives as well as source material for animal models as they relate to issues and concepts in translational medicine." -- James E. Barrett, Drexel University College of Medicine, Philadelphia, PA

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