Moving to the Cloud provides an in-depth introduction to cloud computing models, cloud platforms, application development paradigms, concepts and technologies. The authors particularly examine cloud platforms that are in use today. They also describe programming APIs and compare the technologies that underlie them. The basic foundations needed for developing both client-side and cloud-side applications covering compute/storage scaling, data parallelism, virtualization, MapReduce, RIA, SaaS and Mashups are covered. Approaches to address key challenges of a cloud infrastructure, such as scalability, availability, multi-tenancy, security and management are addressed. The book also lays out the key open issues and emerging cloud standards that will drive the continuing evolution of cloud computing.

Key Features

    • Includes complex case studies of cloud solutions by cloud experts from Yahoo! , Amazon, Microsoft, IBM, Adobe and HP Labs.
    • Presents insights and techniques for creating compelling rich client applications that interact with cloud services.
    • Demonstrates and distinguishes features of different cloud platforms using simple to complex API programming examples.


    IT professionals—primarily technical architects; secondarily applications developers and industrial researchers.

    Table of Contents


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    Chapter 1. Introduction

    Chapter 2. Infrastructure as a Service

    Chapter 3. Platform as a Service

    Chapter 4. Software as a Service

    Chapter 5. Paradigms for Developing Cloud Applications

    Chapter 6. Addressing the Cloud Challenges

    Chapter 7. Designing Cloud Security

    Chapter 8. Managing the Cloud

    Chapter 9. Related Technologies

    Chapter 10. Future Trends and Research Directions



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    About the authors

    Geetha Manjunath

    Senior Research Scientist, Hewlett Packard Labs, Bangalore, India, where her research focuses on Personalization, Ontologies and Semantic Web. She is currently leading a research project on novel cloud services for simplifying web access. She obtained the M.E in Computer Science from the Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore. Her research has led to multiple US patents and international conference papers.

    Dinkar Sitaram

    Chief Technologist, Hewlett Packard, Systems Technology and Software Division, Bangalore, India. He is responsible for new product and technology development with a focus on storage systems, self-healing and automated management. Dr. Sitaram is also responsible for University Relations, and Innovation activities at HP. He earned the PhD in Computer Science from University of Wisconsin, Madison; his R&D efforts have resulted in over a dozen granted US patents. He is co-author of Multimedia Servers: Applications, Environments and Design. Morgan Kaufmann, 2000.


    "This book provides an excellent overview of all the transformations that are taking place around Cloud Computing"
     - Dr. Prith Banerjee, Senior Vice President of Research and Director, HP Labs