Mosby's Veterinary PDQ - 1st Edition

Mosby's Veterinary PDQ

1st Edition

Authors: Margi Sirois
Imprint: Mosby

Table of Contents




Commonly Used Rx Abbreviations

Common Medications

  • Antimicrobials
  • Antiparasitics
  • Heartworm Preventives
  • Preanesthetics/Sedatives/Anesthetics
  • Inhalant Anesthetics
  • Analgesics and Antiinflammatories
  • Parenteral Fluids
  • Blood Products
  • Cardiovascular Drugs
  • Respiratory Drugs
  • Gastrointestinal Drugs
  • Endocrine Drugs
  • Antidotes/Reversing Agents

Medical Math

Conversion Factors

Dosage Calculations

Fluid Therapy Calculations

Nutritional Calculations


Anatomical Planes of Reference

Physical Exam Procedures

Description of Heart Murmurs

Mucous Membrane Color

Nutrient Guidelines for Wellness

Estimating Degree of Dehydration

Age Equivalences

Common Vaccinations for Dogs and Cats

Common Diseases of Dogs and Cats

Nail Trimming

Expressing Anal Sacs

Ear Cleaning


Diagnostic and Treatment Techniques

Administration of Ophthalmic Medication

Administration of Otic Medications


  • Cast Application
  • Robert Jones Bandage
  • Abdominal/Chest Bandage
  • Pressure Bandage

Feeding Tubes

Emergency Supplies


Thoracic Drain

Diagnostic Peritoneal Lavage

Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation

Intravenous Catheterization

  • Catheter Selection
  • Cephalic Catheter Placement
  • Jugular Catheter Placement

Schirmer Tear Test

Fluorescein Dye Test


Diagnostic Imaging

Technique Chart

Troubleshooting Technical Errors




Exactly what you need for the clinical setting, this full-color, pocket-sized reference offers instant access to hundreds of veterinary medicine facts, formulas, lab values, and procedures. Key coverage of pharmacology, animal care, dentistry, nursing care, diagnostic imaging, urinalysis, blood tests, and more is divided into 10 easy-to-use sections — each tabbed and color-coded with a rapid-reference table of contents to help you find information fast.

Key Features

  • Written by respected veterinary technology educator Margi Sirois, RVT, MS, EdD, this collection of commonly used but rarely memorized clinical information, such as charts, graphs, formulas, conversions, and lab values offers quick access to the data you need to deliver safe and efficient veterinary care.
  • Information is easy to find in 10 tabbed, color-coded sections: Pharmacology and Math, Animal Care, Procedures, Dentistry, Surgical/Anesthetic Nursing, Urinalysis, Hematology and Serology, Parasitology, Microbiology/Cytology, and Normal Values
  • Color-coded tabs feature a table of contents with page references, making it easy to quickly locate key information within each section.
  • Full-color format includes illustrations that highlight and clarify important concepts.
  • Convenient pocket size lets you keep this reference with you and refer to it in any setting.
  • Spiral binding allows you to lay the booklet flat for easy reference.


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