Mosby's Radiography Online: Radiobiology and Radiation Protection (Access Code) - 2nd Edition

Mosby's Radiography Online: Radiobiology and Radiation Protection (Access Code)

2nd Edition

Table of Contents

Module 1 Radiation Chemistry

Module 2 Cellular Radiation Effects

Module 3 Systemic Radiation Effects

Module 4 Genetic Effects

Module 5 Somatic Effects

Module 6 Radiation Detection and Measurement

Module 7 Patient Protection Equipment and Practices

Module 8 Radiographer Protection


Offering dynamic online learning, this course covers the topics you must learn to meet ASRT requirements. It uses engaging animations and slideshows to communicate difficult concepts and enhance your understanding of radiobiology and radiation protection. Updated, upgraded, and redesigned, this online resource supports the content in many of your textbooks.

Key Features

  • Unique outcome-based learning ensures that you meet ASRT learning objectives.
  • Animations and slideshows with audio narration communicate complex concepts that are impossible to convey with static illustrations.
  • A contemporary design makes content easy to read and the course easy to navigate.
  • Enlarged images appear in popup windows, making it easier to see detail in densely labeled illustrations and radiographic images.
  • Unique Instructor Says voiceover narration is included for some illustrations, clarifying difficult concepts.
  • Summation screens provide review and remediation of content.
  • Unique section quizzes help you determine any additional study needs before taking the exam.
  • End-of-module exams offer excellent preparation for the accrediting exam.
  • Unique audio glossary makes it easy to listen to pronunciations of key terms related to radiobiology and radiation protection.


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