Mosby's Radiography Online for Radiologic Science for Technologists (Access Code)

10th Edition

Physics, Biology, and Protection


  • Stewart Bushong
    • Print ISBN 9780323112833

    Key Features

    • Unique interactive exercises provide outcome-based learning with matching, multiple choice with rationales, labeling, and short answer questions.
    • Detailed animations and slide shows help to communicate difficult concepts and enhance your understanding.
    • Image enlargement lets you see the details of radiographic images and illustrations in pop-up windows.
    • Quizzes at the end of each section give you a review and help identify your strengths and weaknesses.
    • Exams for every module help identify your strengths and weaknesses, and are automatically scored and saved to your instructor’s grade book.

    Table of Contents

    Module 1: Essential Concepts of Radiologic Science
    Module 2: The Structure of Matter
    Module 3: Electromagnetic Energy
    Module 4: Electricity, Magnetism, and Electromagnetism
    Module 5: The X-ray Imaging System
    Module 6: The X-ray Tube
    Module 7: X-ray Production
    Module 8: X-ray Emission
    Module 9: X-ray Interaction with Matter
    Module 10: Concepts of Radiographic Image Quality
    Module 11: Control of Scatter Radiation
    Module 12: Screen-Film Radiography
    Module 13: Screen-Film Radiographic Technique
    Module 14: Computers in Medical Imaging
    Module 15: Computed Radiography
    Module 16: Digital Radiography
    Module 17: Digital Radiographic Technique
    Module 18: Viewing the Digital Radiographic Image
    Module 19: Screen-Film Radiographic Artifacts
    Module 20: Screen-Film Radiographic Quality Control
    Module 21: Digital Radiographic Artifacts
    Module 22: Digital Radiographic Quality Control
    Module 23: Mammography
    Module 24: Mammography Quality Control
    Module 25: Fluoroscopy
    Module 26: Digital Fluoroscopy
    Module 27: Interventional Radiography
    Module 28: Computed Tomography
    Module 29: Human Biology
    Module 30: Fundamental Principles of Radiobiology
    Module 31: Molecular Radiobiology
    Module 32: Cellular Radiobiology
    Module 33: Deterministic Effects of Radiation
    Module 34: Stochastic Effects of Radiation
    Module 35: Health Physics
    Module 36: Designing for Radiation Protection
    Module 37: Patient Radiation Dose Management
    Module 38: Occupational Radiation Dose Management


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