Mosby's Pocket Guide to Fetal Monitoring - 7th Edition - ISBN: 9780323136532

Mosby's Pocket Guide to Fetal Monitoring

7th Edition

A Multidisciplinary Approach

eBook ISBN: 9780323136532
Imprint: Mosby


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 "Another great book by Mosby's. A must by for those wanting to get to grips with fetal monitoring.

This book gives a history of fetal monitoring and how it came into clinical practice. It even states how the use of fetal monitoring was adopted for low risk women and after several clinical trails, it was proven that continuos fetal monitoring was not associated with a decrease in low Apgar scores or perinatal mortality, but yet the use of continuos monitoring hasn't decreased.

The book is in depth, covering different equipment such as pinards and fetoscopes and their use. With examples of different traces to demonstrate different scenarios.

A really good pocket guide to fetal monitoring. It's small enough to take on placement so if you experience a 'dodgy' trace you can look it up while its still fresh on your mind. Also a must for qualified midwives."

Midwifery Online, June 2013