Mosby's PDQ for RN - 2nd Edition

Mosby's PDQ for RN

2nd Edition

Practical, Detailed, Quick

Authors: Mosby
Imprint: Mosby

Table of Contents

Tab 1: Procedures

Tab 2: Vital Signs/Assessment

Tab 3: Meds IV

Tab 4: Labs

Tab 5: Emergency ECG

Tab 6: Obstetrics

Tab 7: Pediatrics

Tab 8: Geriatrics

Tab 9: Patient Teaching

Tab 10: Facts


Exactly what you need for the clinical setting, this pocket-sized reference offers instant access to hundreds of nursing facts, formulas, lab values, and procedures. Key coverage of drugs, emergency care, pediatrics, patient teaching, obstetrics, geriatrics, patient assessment, and more is divided into 10 easy-to-use sections — each tabbed and color-coded with a rapid-reference table of contents to help you find information fast. It also features a special facts section containing essential formulas, conversion tables, and abbreviations.

Key Features

  • You can carry this pocket-sized guide anywhere, and the convenient spiral binding allows you to lay the booklet flat for easy reference.
  • Each color-coded section tab has a table of contents with page references making it easy to quickly locate key information. Cross-references with page numbers are also provided to help you find related topics.
  • Includes a collection of commonly used but rarely memorized clinical information, such as charts, graphs, formulas, conversions, and lab values — all necessary to help you deliver safe and efficient nursing care.
  • Information is easy to find in 10 tabbed, color-coded sections: Procedures, Vital Signs/Assessment, Meds/IV, Labs, Emergency/ECG, Obstetrics, Pediatrics, Geriatrics, Patient Teaching, and Facts.


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