Key Features

  • More than 1,000 illustrations -- including 150 that are NEW -- accurately present different techniques and skills.

  • Chapter openers, objectives and key terms set the stage for learning.
  • Advanced Life Support (ALS) skills are presented step by step and in full color.
  • Critical thinking questions help in understanding concepts and in applying them to patient care.
  • A summary and a list of references in each chapter make review easier.
  • A herbal appendix in the pharmacology chapter provides access to herbal content.
  • Drug monographs on the Evolve companion website include Mosby's Essential Drugs, with instant access to comprehensive, up-to-date information on the medications that are administered by paramedics as well as those most commonly prescribed to patients.

Table of Contents

Part One: Preparatory

1. EMS Systems: Roles, Responsibilities, and Professionalism

2. Well-Being of the Paramedic

3. Injury Prevention and Public Health  NEW!

4. Documentation

5. EMS Communications

6. Medical and Legal Issues

7. Ethics

8. Research Principles and Evidence-Based Practice  NEW!

Part Two: Anatomy and Physiology

9. Medical Terminology  NEW!

10. Review of Human Systems

11. General Principles of Pathophysiology

12. Life Span Development

Part Three: Pharmacology

13. Principles of Pharmacology and Emergency Medications

14. Venous Access and Medication Administration

Part Four: Airway

15. Airway Management, Respiration, and Artificial Ventilation

Part Five: Patient Assessment

16. Scene Size Up  NEW!

17. Therapeutic Communications

18. History Taking

19. Primary Assessment  NEW!

20. Secondary Assessment and Reassessment  NEW!

21. Clinical Decision Making

Part Six: Cardiovascular

22. Cardiology

Part Seven: Medical

23. Diseases of the Eyes, Ears, Nose and Throat  NEW!

24. Respiratory

25. Neurology

26. Endocrinology

27. Immunology  NEW!

28. Infectious and Communicable Disease

29. Abdominal and Gastrointestinal Disorders

30. Genitourinary and Renal Disorders

31. Gynecology

32. Hematology

33. Nontraumatic Musculoskeletal Disorders  NEW!

34. Toxicology

35. Behavioral and Psychiatric Disorders

Part Eight: Shock


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