Mosby's Paramedic Textbook - Revised Reprint and The Canadian Paramedic: An Introduction Package

1st Edition


  • Mick Sanders
  • Rob Theriault
    • Print ISBN 9780779699308

    Key Features

    • The author is a Critical Care Paramedic, a designation not frequently obtained by Canadian paramedics.

    • The topic of professionalism is thoroughly discussed in Chapter 1.

    • Aileen Ashman, the primary author of Chapter 3, is a lawyer, registered nurse, and expert in the field, and comprehensively discusses the medical-legal aspects of paramedic practice in language that is easily understood.

    • 70 - 75% of Glossary terms are uniquely Canadian in that a term has a different meaning in Canada or the terminology itself is different.

    Table of Contents

    • The Canadian Paramedic: An Introduction
      • Chapter 1: Introduction to Paramedic Practice

      • Chapter 2: Injury Prevention

      • Chapter 3: Medical-Legal Aspects of Paramedic Practice

      • Appendix A: Emergency Drug Index

      • Appendix B: Canadian Triage Acuity Scale

      • Appendix C: National Occupational Competency Profiles


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