Mosby's Nursing Concept Map Creator

1st Edition


  • Jean Giddens
  • Elaine Kennedy
    • Print ISBN 9780323034142

    Key Features

    • Easy-to-use program walks users through the steps of constructing a concept map, including:
      • Creating a data sheet with assessment/physical examination findings, treatments, pathophysiology, medications, and more
      • Entering medical diagnoses
      • Identifying appropriate nursing diagnoses and collaborative problems
      • Providing supporting data for each patient problem
      • Prioritizing key nursing diagnoses and collaborative problems
      • Determining nursing interventions
      • Building the concept map and adding arrows to show relationships
      • Creating an evaluation summary
    • Flexible programming allows users to customize their concept maps by moving boxes and adding multidirectional arrows that can point to more than one box to indicate relationships.
    • Data sheet feature allows users to record key preliminary information such as assessment/physical examination data, pathophysiology, treatments, diagnostic tests/results, and much more.
    • Interview data can be entered using a functional health patterns or review of systems approach.
    • Data is color-coded by type (assessment, nursing diagnosis, intervention, etc.) throughout the program and in the finished concept map and to help users visually differentiate content and more clearly understand the complexities of patient care.
    • The save and modify function allows users to return at a later date to make modifications to data and/or the concept map.
    • Evaluation summary step allows users to enter evaluation data after seeing the patient in clinicals.


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