Key Features

  • Presents 23 skills in a consistent, step-by-step format that visually enhances the student's learning of key maternity, neonatal, and women's health procedures.
  • Provides Overviews that orient the learner to the purpose of the skill.
  • Includes a Preparation step for each skill that teaches the equipment needed and the patient education required.
  • Features full-motion, step-by-step Video Procedures that accurately portray the critical skills needed by a maternity nurse.
  • Presents the procedures in Step-by-Step Checklists that the student can print out to use as a portable quick-reference.
  • Teaches Follow-up Care, including any needed nursing interventions and patient education.
  • Demonstrates Documentation required to accurately, safely, and legally complete the procedure.
  • Includes a bank of NCLEX®-style Review Questions to reinforce learning.
  • Represents cultural diversity in both the patients and the nurses, reflecting the reality of today's nursing.
  • Convenient durable folder packaging allows for easy portability.

Table of Contents

Maternity Nursing

Assessing Deep Tendon Reflexes

Assisting During Amniocentesis

Auscultating the Fetal Heart Rate

Performing Leopold’s Maneuvers

Performing a Stress Test

Assessing Fundal Height

Positioning and Assisting with Comfort Measures in Labor

Assisting with an Epidural

Assessing the Fundus Postpartum

Assisting with a Sitz Bath

Neonatal Nursing

Obtaining an Apgar Score

Assessing a Newborn Reflexes

Performing Newborn Cord Care

Ausculating Newborn Heart Sounds

Weighing and Measuring a Newborn

Administering Intramuscular Injections in the Newborn

Assisting with a Circumcision

Teaching Breastfeeding

Performing Newborn Gavage Feeding

Suctioning with a Bulb Syringe or Mechanical Apparatus

Women’s Health Care

Teaching Breast Self-Examination

Assisting with a Pelvic Examination

Teaching Birth Control Methods


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