Mosby's Maternal-Newborn & Women's Health Nursing Video Skills - 1st Edition - ISBN: 9780323045698

Mosby's Maternal-Newborn & Women's Health Nursing Video Skills

1st Edition

Authors: Mosby
eBook ISBN: 9780323045698
Imprint: Mosby
Published Date: 8th November 2006

Table of Contents

Maternity Nursing

Assessing Deep Tendon Reflexes

Assisting During Amniocentesis

Auscultating the Fetal Heart Rate

Performing Leopold’s Maneuvers

Performing a Stress Test

Assessing Fundal Height

Positioning and Assisting with Comfort Measures in Labor

Assisting with an Epidural

Assessing the Fundus Postpartum

Assisting with a Sitz Bath

Neonatal Nursing

Obtaining an Apgar Score

Assessing a Newborn Reflexes

Performing Newborn Cord Care

Ausculating Newborn Heart Sounds

Weighing and Measuring a Newborn

Administering Intramuscular Injections in the Newborn

Assisting with a Circumcision

Teaching Breastfeeding

Performing Newborn Gavage Feeding

Suctioning with a Bulb Syringe or Mechanical Apparatus

Women’s Health Care

Teaching Breast Self-Examination

Assisting with a Pelvic Examination

Teaching Birth Control Methods


Mosby's Maternal-Newborn & Women's Health Nursing Video Skills DVD presents the most commonly performed procedures that students need to learn to provide optimal care for today's maternity and neonatal patients. Such high-interest procedures as gestational assessment, fundal height, fetal heart tones, Leopold's maneuvers, and more are covered in this easy-to-view format. Plus, realistic 3-D animations allow students to visualize what's happening inside the body and simplify difficult concepts, including showing the fetal lie and positioning, making concepts easier to understand and apply to patient care.

Key Features

  • Presents 23 skills in a consistent, step-by-step format that visually enhances the student's learning of key maternity, neonatal, and women's health procedures.
  • Provides Overviews that orient the learner to the purpose of the skill.
  • Includes a Preparation step for each skill that teaches the equipment needed and the patient education required.
  • Features full-motion, step-by-step Video Procedures that accurately portray the critical skills needed by a maternity nurse.
  • Presents the procedures in Step-by-Step Checklists that the student can print out to use as a portable quick-reference.
  • Teaches Follow-up Care, including any needed nursing interventions and patient education.
  • Demonstrates Documentation required to accurately, safely, and legally complete the procedure.
  • Includes a bank of NCLEX®-style Review Questions to reinforce learning.
  • Represents cultural diversity in both the patients and the nurses, reflecting the reality of today's nursing.
  • Convenient durable folder packaging allows for easy portability.


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