Mosby's Human Anatomy through Dissection Series for EMS

1st Edition

4 DVD Package


  • Mosby
    • Not Applicable ISBN 9780323053259

    Key Features

    • Dissections of both a male and a female cadaver show organs and systems of the body in vivid detail to help students understand their relationship to EMS education.
    • Drawings, animations, x-rays, and CT scans of body structures and systems show important landmarks to help students easily locate internal structures.
    • A respected host and paramedic coordinator from the University of Maryland, Baltimore County, Michael D. Cooney, assists in the dissection process relating human anatomy to prehospital care. Other participants include an emergency physician and a surgical physician assistant.
    • High-definition dissection video shows twice the detail as standard definition format, ensuring clarity of coverage for your students.

    Table of Contents

    One DVD will be devoted to each of the following:
    • Head and Neck Anatomy
    • Chest Anatomy
    • Abdomen and Pelvis Anatomy
    • Limb Anatomy

    DVD 1: Head and Neck Anatomy
    This program includes:

    Head Anatomy
    • Face and Skull Anatomy
    • Brain Anatomy
    Neck Anatomy
    • External Neck Landmarks
    • External Jugular Vein
    • Internal Neck Anatomy
    • Upper Airway Anatomy
    • Needle Cricothyrotomy
    • Surgical Cricothyrotomy
    Spinal Anatomy

    DVD 2: Chest Anatomy
    This program includes:

    Chest Landmarks and Anatomy

    • Landmarks, Anatomy and Chest Decompression
    • Musculature and Fascia
    • Rib Cage Anatomy
    Thoracic Cavity
    Organs of the Chest
    Lower Airway Anatomy
    Heart Dissection

    DVD 3: Abdomen and Pelvis Anatomy
    This program includes:

    Abdomen Anatomy

    • Going into the Abdomen
    • Organs of the Abdomen
    • Digestive System
    Pelvis Anatomy
    • Urinary System
    • Reproductive System

    DVD 4: Limb Anatomy
    This program includes:

    Upper Limb
    • Shoulder Anatomy
    • Elbow Anatomy
    • Arm, Hand, and Wrist Anatomy
    • Forearm Anatomy and IV Access
    Lower Limb
    • Hip Anatomy
    • Knee Anatomy
    • Ankle and Foot Anatomy
    • Intraosseous Procedure


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