Mosby's EMT- Intermediate Textbook for the 1999 National Standard Curriculum, Revised Reprint

3rd Edition


  • Elizabeth Wertz
  • Mikel Rothenberg
  • Bruce Shade
  • Shirley Jones
  • Thomas Collins
  • Key Features

    • Helpful Hints boxes identify "nice to know" information for a deeper understanding of concepts and skills.
    • Clinical Notes boxes provide background information from a clinical perspective.
    • Street Wise boxes call attention to information that will help the EMT-I become more efficient in delivering emergency field care.
    • Detailed Case Studies presented at the start of every chapter and concluded at the end show the application of chapter content and the continuum of care.

    Table of Contents

    Division One – Preparatory

    1. Foundations of EMT-Intermediate

    2. Your Well-Being

    3. Medical-Legal Aspects

    4. Overview of Human Systems

    5. Emergency Pharmacology

    6. Venous Access

    7. Medication Math NEW!

    8. Medication Administration

    Division Two – Airway

    9. Airway Management

    Division Three – Patient Assessment

    10. History Taking

    11. Techniques of Physical Examination

    12. Patient Assessment

    13. Clinical Decision Making

    14. Communications

    15. Documentation

    Division Four – Trauma

    16. Trauma Systems and Mechanism of Injury

    17. Hemorrhage and Shock

    18. Burns

    19. Thoracic Trauma

    20. Head and Spinal Trauma

    21. Abdominal and Extremity Trauma NEW!

    Division Five – Medical

    22. Respiratory Emergencies

    23. Cardiac Anatomy and Physiology and ECG Interpretation NEW!

    24. Cardiovascular Emergencies

    25. Diabetic Emergencies

    26. Allergic Reactions

    27. Poisoning and Overdose Emergencies

    28. Neurological Emergencies

    29. Nontraumatic Abdominal Emergencies

    30. Environmental Emergencies

    31. Behavioral Emergencies and Substance Abuse

    32. Gynecological Emergencies

    Division Six – Special Considerations

    33. Obstetrical Emergencies

    34. Neonatal Resuscitation

    35. Pediatric Emergencies

    36. Geriatrics NEW!

    37. Patients with Special Challenges NEW!

    Division Seven – Assessment-Based Management

    38. Assessment-Based Management

    Division Eight – Special Operations

    39. First-Responder Procedures with Weapons of Mass Destruction NEW!

    40. Incident Comm


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