Mosby's EMT-Intermediate Textbook for the 1985 National Standard Curriculum - Revised Edition

1st Edition

with 2005 ECC Guidelines


  • Elizabeth Wertz
  • Bruce Shade
  • Mikel Rothenberg
  • Shirley Jones
  • Thomas Collins
  • Key Features

    • Fills the education gap between EMT-B and EMT-P, and it is designed specifically to cover the 1985 National Standard Curriculum for the EMT-Intermediate.
    • It includes all of the information on shock, IV cannulation, medical terminology, A&P, cardiac emergencies and pharmacology.

    Table of Contents

    Chapter 1. Roles and Responsibilities of the EMT-Intermediate
    Chapter 2. EMS Systems
    Chapter 3. Medical/Legal Considerations
    Chapter 4. EMS Communications
    Chapter 5. Documentation
    Chapter 6. Medical Terminology
    Chapter 7. Body Systems
    Chapter 8. Patient Assessment
    Chapter 9. Airway Management
    Chapter 10. Assessment and Management of Shock
    Chapter 11. Intravenous Cannulation
    Chapter 12. Pharmacology
    Chapter 13. Trauma Emergencies
    Chapter 14. Cardiac Emergencies
    Chapter 15. Medical Emergencies
    Chapter 16. Obstetric and Gynecologic Emergencies
    Chapter 17. Pediatric Emergencies
    Chapter 18. Substance Abuse and Behavioral Emergencies
    New! Appendix A: Geriatrics
    New! Appendix B: First Responder Procedures with Weapons of Mass Destruction
    New! Appendix C: Incident Command
    New! Appendix D: Tactical Emergency Medical Support
    New! Appendix E: HIPAA Compliance for the EMT-Intermediate
    New! Appendix F: Administration of Thiamine in the Hypoglycemic Patient
    New! Appendix G: Glucagon Administration in the Hypoglycemic Patient


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