Key Features

  • Over 1,400 questions with rationales and references offer excellent preparation for the CEN, CFRN, and FP-C exams.
  • A practice CD-ROM includes 3 sample exams with answers and rationales, and automatic grading helps users assess their mastery of the material.
  • A content outline of must-know topics is provided, followed by practice questions, answers, rationales, and references.

Table of Contents

Part I. Practice and Patient Care Issues
1. Emergency and transport nursing education and preparation for practice.
2. Patient assessment and priority setting: triage
3. Abdominal emergencies
4. Cardiovascular emergencies
5. Dental, ear, nose, and throat emergencies
6. Environmental emergencies
7. Facial emergencies
8. Genitourinary emergencies
9. Medical emergencies
10. Mental health emergencies
11. Neurological emergencies
12. Obstetrical and gynecological emergencies
13. Ocular emergencies
14. Organ and tissue donation and post transplant emergencies
15. Orthopedic emergencies
16. Pain management
17. Respiratory emergencies
18. Shock emergencies
19. Toxicological emergencies
20. Wound management emergencies
21. Disaster preparedness
22. Bioterrorism – NEW!
23. Legal and ethical issues
24. Research
25. Education: patient family and community, safety training

Part 2. Prehospital and Transport Issues
26. Transport physiology
27. Transport safety
a. Extrication
b. Survival
c. Stress Management
28. Patient care during transport
29. CAMTS Standards – NEW!
30. Transport Operations – NEW!

Part 3: Critical Care Issues – NEW!
31. Invasive Interventions – NEW!
32. Pharmacology – NEW!
33. Invasive monitoring – NEW!


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