Mosby's E-Dictionary of Medicine, Nursing & Health Professions - Retail Version

8th Edition


  • Mosby
    • Electronic ISBN 9780323069151

    Key Features

    • Over 51,000 comprehensive, authoritative, high-quality definitions - including definitions for major diseases, disorders, drugs, and procedures – offer the most accurate, complete information available in all areas of nursing, medicine, and health-related professions.
    • Approximately 2,400 color photographs and line drawings – nearly three times more than any other health care dictionary – illustrate all subject areas to help you understand concepts.
    • The practical, straightforward alphabetical organization with no subentries and easy-to-use features such as entry words in color, and large, easy-to-read print make it easy to find and understand information.
    • Expanded definitions for selected entries, particularly major diseases, disorders, and procedures, offer detailed information in one spot to help you understand more difficult concepts.
    • Hundreds of lab test and surgical procedure definitions explain the purpose, procedures, patient care, and expected outcomes.
    • Comprehensive definitions for drugs – with over 200 new to this edition – include indications, contraindications, and adverse effects for safe medication practice.
    • Definitions for more than 50 complementary and alternative medical therapies and over 100 herbs familiarize you with options today’s patients may choose.
    • Pronunciations and word roots for key entries help you use terminology correctly in everyday practice.
    • Includes British spellings for selected entries to help you recognize alternate spellings.
    • A Color Atlas of Human Anatomy contains 43 pages of clearly labeled drawings for easy A&P review and reference.
    • 12 appendixes offer useful information you’ll turn to again and again – with a quick-reference list of all appendixes in the front of the book.

    Table of Contents

    In addition to over 51,000 definitions you'll find 12 appendixes with practical, reliable information on:

    1. Units of Measurement

    2. Language Translation Guide: Spanish-French-English Equivalents of Commonly Used Medical Terms and Phrases

    3. American Sign Language and Manual Communication

    4. Normal Reference Values

    5. Health Promotion

    6. Nutrition

    7. Pharmacology and Clinical Calculations

    8. Infection Control

    9. Diagnosis-Related Groups

    10. Nursing Interventions Classification

    11. Nursing Outcomes Classification

    12. Nursing Diagnoses


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