Mosby's Dissector for the Rehabilitation Professional

1st Edition

Exploring Human Anatomy


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Key Features

  • Extensive coverage of the musculoskeletal and nervous system emphasizes the information on muscles, vertebral column, and the upper and lower extremities that you need as a rehabilitation health professional.
  • Clinical cases, thought-provoking questions, clinical notes, and review exercises encourage you to explore through dissection and apply what you’ve learned to real-life practice.
  • Sections on embryology and histology provide important insights into the origin and nature of adult anatomy and follow the national guidelines for physical therapy anatomy curricula.
  • References to the most popular human anatomy atlases – Netter’s, Gray’s, Grant’s, and Clemente’s – allow for flexibility of use in any program.
  • Emphasis on variations in anatomy reinforces the real-life diversity among patients.
  • Over 200 full-color illustrations clearly demonstrate anatomy and dissection processes.

Table of Contents

Introduction to Exploring

Lab Exploration 1: Vertebral Column

Lab Exploration 2: Back

Lab Exploration 3: Suboccipital Triangle

Lab Exploration 4: Spinal Cord

Lab Exploration 5: Thoracic Body Wall, Pleural Cavities and Lungs

Lab Exploration 6: Heart and Mediastinum

Lab Exploration 7: Abdominal Body Wall and Inguinal Region

Lab Exploration 8: Peritoneal Cavity and Abdominal Viscera

Lab Exploration 9: Diaphragm, Kidneys and Bladder

Lab Exploration 10: Triangles of the Neck

Lab Exploration 11: Pectoral Region and Axilla

Lab Exploration 12: Scapular Region, Shoulder Joint and Arm

Lab Exploration 13: Elbow and Forearm

Lab Exploration 14: Wrist and Hand

Lab Exploration 15: Posterior Body Wall

Lab Exploration 16: Anterior and Medial Thigh

Lab Exploration 17: Gluteal Region Posterior and Lateral Thigh

Lab Exploration 18: Perineum and Ischiorectal Fossa

Lab Exploration 19: Popliteal Fossa and Knee Joint

Lab Exploration 20: Leg and Dorsum of Foot

Lab Exploration 21: Plantar Foot and Ankle

Lab Exploration 22: Viscerocranium and Muscles of Facial Expression

Lab Exploration 23: Neurocranium and Intracranial Fossae

Lab Exploration 24: Muscles of Mastication and Temporomandibular Joint

Lab Exploration 25: Craniovertebral Joints and Prevertebral Muscles



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