Mosby's Assessment Memory NoteCards

2nd Edition

Visual, Mnemonic, and Memory Aids for Nurses


  • JoAnn Zerwekh
  • Key Features

    • 80 full-color illustrated mnemonics cover key assessment procedures and tips.
    • Sturdy, spiral-bound cards offer durability as well as portability.
    • Colored tabs make it easy to find topics.
    • Concise What You Need to Know monographs on each card provide more detailed information and specific nursing implications.
    • Unique! Color highlights emphasize four central topics:
      • Abnormal findings in pink
      • Common clinical findings in blue
      • Important nursing implications in yellow
      • Patient teaching in green

    Table of Contents

    General Types of Assessment and Documentation
    Cultural Assessment
    Community Assessment
    Assessment of the CommunityÑWindshield Survey
    Assessment for Learning
    Spiritual Assessment
    Grief and Loss Assessment
    Suicide Risk Assessment
    Communication Assessment
    Assessment of Thermoregulation
    Nutritional History Assessment
    Assessment of Sleep--Physical Assessment
    Electronic Health Record  NEW!
    I-SBAR-R  NEW!
    Obtaining Health Information
    Obtaining Health Information
    Health History
    Subjective vs. Objective
    Signs and Symptoms
    Symptom Analysis--OLDCARTS  NEW!
    Focused Assessment  NEW!
    Assessment of Mental Status
    Physical Assessment
    Assessment by Palpation
    Assessment by Auscultation
    Assessment of the Pulse
    Assessment of Blood Pressure
    Assessment of Orthostatic (Postural) Hypotension
    Assessment of the Skin
    Assessment of Skin Functions
    Assessment of the Hair
    Assessment of the Nails
    Assessment of the Head
    Assessment of the Neck and Lymph Nodes
    Assessment of the Eye
    Assessment of the Ear
    Assessment of the Nose
    Assessment of the Mouth and Throat--Questions
    Assessment of the Mouth and Throat
    Assessment of the Breast
    Breast Examination
    Breast Self-Examination
    Assessment of the Thorax and Lungs (Inspection of the Posterior Chest)
    Assessment of the Thorax and Lungs (Inspection of the Anterior Chest)
    Assessment of the Heart (Areas and Descriptions for Assessment)
    Assessment of the Heart and Vascular Neck
    Assessment of Heart Sounds
    Assessment of Blood Vessels and Lymphatic System--Questions
    Physical Assessment of Blood Vessels and Lymphatic System
    Five Ps of Neurovascular Assessment
    Assessment of the Abdomen--Questions
    Assessment of the Abdomen--Inspect and Auscultate
    Assessment of


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