Morphogenesis - 2nd Edition - ISBN: 9781483213385, 9781483226811


2nd Edition

The Analysis of Molluscan Development

Authors: Chr. P. Raven
Editors: J. E. Harris E. W. Yemm
eBook ISBN: 9781483226811
Imprint: Pergamon
Published Date: 1st January 1966
Page Count: 380
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International Series of Monographs on Pure and Applied Biology, Volume 2: Morphogenesis: The Analysis of Molluscan Development describes the various stages in molluscan morphogenesis. This book emerged from a series of lectures given for advanced biology students of the University of Utrecht. This book is composed of eight chapters and begins with a survey of the chemical processes going on in the egg cells during growth and vitellogenesis. The succeeding chapter considers the external factors affecting molluscan egg maturation and fertilization. Other chapters are devoted to other morphogenetic processes molluscan egg, including cell cleavage, gastrulation, germ layer formation, embryogenesis, and organogenesis. A chapter outlines the principal traits of molluscan development, as they emerge from the causal analysis developed in previous chapters. The concluding chapter discusses the further contributions to molluscan development. This book is of value to advanced biology teachers and students.

Table of Contents


Addition to Preface

Chapter I. Oogenesis

1. The Ripe Egg

2. Oogenesis

3. The Behavior of Various Cell Components during Oogenesis

a. The Nucleus

b. The Nucleolus

c. The Golgi Apparatus

d. The Mitochondria

4. Vitellogenesis

a. Proteid Yolk

b. Fatty Yolk

5. Cytochemistry of Oogenesis

a. Glycogen

b. Desoxyribonucleic Acid

c. Ribonucleic Acid

d. Sulphydryl Compounds

e. Tyrosine

f. Arginine

g. Tryptophanc

h. Ascorbic Acid (Vitamin C)

i. Alkaline Phosphatase

j . Benzidine Peroxidase

k. Indophenol Oxidase

l. Iron

m. Pigment

6. Conclusion

Chapter II. Maturation and Fertilization

A. Descriptive Part

1. The Time Relations between Maturation and Fertilization

2. Maturation

3. Fertilization

4. Cytoplasmic Activities

5. The Behavior of Various Cytoplasmic Inclusions during Maturation and Fertilization

6. Cytochemistry

7. Physicochemical Properties of the Egg System

8. Some Data on Metabolism

B. Causal Analysis

1. Maturation

2. Fertilization

3. Parthenogenesis

4. The Normal Sequence of the Processes of Maturation and Fertilization

5. Ooplasmic Segregation

Chapter III. Cleavage

A. Descriptive Part

1. Spiral Cleavage

2. Variations in Cleavage

3. Cell-Lineage

4. Changes in Shape of the Cleavage Cells

5. The Cleavage Cavity

6. Nuclear Phenomena

7. Segregation of Cytoplasmic Substances

8. The Behavior of Various Cytoplasmic Inclusions during Cleavage

9. Cytochemistry

10. Physicochemical Properties

11. Differential Susceptibility

12. Some Data on Metabolism

B. Causal Analysis

1. Polarity and Symmetry in Cleavage

2. The Determination of Cleavage Pattern

3. Cleavage of Isolated Blastomeres

4. The Polar Lobe

5. Normal and Reversed Cleavage

6. The Shape and Coherence of the Blastomeres

7. Differentiation without Cleavage

8. Chemodifferentiation

Chapter IV. Gastrulation and Formation of Germ Layers

A. Descriptive Part

1. The Blastula

2. Gastrulation

3. The Blastopore

4. The Ectoderm

5. The Endoderm

6. The Mesoderm

7. The Larval Mesenchyme

8. Cytoplasmic Differentiation

9. Cytoplasmic Inclusions

10. Cytochemistry

B. Causal Analysis

1. Gastrulation and Formation of Mesoderm after Operative Removal of a Part of the Germ

2. Exogastrulation

Chapter V. Embryogenesis

A. Descriptive Part

1. The Development of the General Body Plan

2. Prototroch and Velum

3. The Pretrochal Region

4. The Posttrochal Region

5. The Internal Organs

6. Asymmetry in Gastropods

7. Embryogenesis in Cephalopods

B. Causal Analysis

1. Mosaic Development

2. Germinal Localizations

3. The Cortical Field

4. Induction

Chapter VI. Organogenesis

1. Skin

2. Pedal Glands

3. Shell

4. Mantle Cavity and Lung

5. Gills

6. Labial Vela

7. Nervous System

8. Eyes

9. Statocysts

10. Olfactory Organs

11. Integumental Sense Organs

12. Tentacles

13. Foregut

14. Midgut and Hindgut

15. Musculature

16. Vascular System

17. Kidney

18. Reproductive Organs

Chapter VII. Conclusions

Chapter VIII. Further Contributions to Molluscan Development in the Years 1956-64

1. Oogenesis

2. Maturation and Fertilization

3. Cleavage

4. Gastrulation

5. Embryogenesis

6. Organogenesis

7. Conclusions


References 1956-1964

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