More Case Presentations in Paediatric Anaesthesia and Intensive Care

3rd Edition


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This quick reference guide, with its easy-to-use format, can be used as a revision tool for professional examinations as well as a tutorial aid for lecturers. It will, therefore, be an essential purchase for trainees and specialists in anaesthesia, intensive care and emergency medicine as well as providing continuing medical education for established senior staff.

Table of Contents

Management of pain in child with mucositis; Consent; Femoral osteotomy in a child with cerebral palsy; A distressed child with severe learning difficulties; Epidermolysis bullosa; Neonate with an abdominal wall defect; Trache-oesophageal fistula; Asthma; Eye examination and surgery in the ex-preterm baby; Colectomy in child with ulcerative colitis/megacolon; Fundoplication in a child with cerebral palsy; Repeated anaesthesia in oncology; Haemophilia; Interventional cardiology; Suturing of a laceration in the A&E department; Laparoscopic surgery; New techniques of extracorporeal life support; Masseter spasm; Neonatal resuscitation; Live donor renal transplant; Pain management in a child with sickle cell disease; Systemic effects of topical drugs; SVT in a baby; Thoracotomy for congenital lung cyst; Problems in children after organ transplantation; Day case umbilical hernia repair; Four-year old, VP shunt in situ, for hypospadias repair; Laparotomy for NEC; Difficult intubation in babies; Two-year old, history of vomiting, coin visible on CXR; Laryngospasm during induction; VP shunt insertion in neonate; Latex allergy; A child with trisomy 21 presenting with a murmur for dental extractions


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