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Monocarbonyl Derivatives of Aliphatic Hydrocarbons, Their Analogues and Derivatives - 2nd Edition - ISBN: 9781483196305, 9781483221335

Monocarbonyl Derivatives of Aliphatic Hydrocarbons, Their Analogues and Derivatives

2nd Edition

A Modern Comprehensive Treatise

Editor: S. Coffey
eBook ISBN: 9781483221335
Imprint: Elsevier
Published Date: 1st January 1965
Page Count: 448
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Rodd’s Chemistry of Carbon Compounds, Second Edition, Volume I: Aliphatic Compounds, Part C: Monocarbonyl Derivatives of Aliphatic Hydrocarbons, Analogues and Derivatives describes the broad class of aliphatic monocarbonyl compounds, their analogues and derivatives. This volume is composed of four chapters, and begins with a description of aldehydes and ketones and their derivatives. The subsequent chapter is devoted to the nomenclature of monocarboxylic acids and their analogues. A chapter explores the chemistry of carbon monoxide, isocyanides and fulminic acid, compounds containing a single “bivalent” carbon atom. The concluding chapter examines carbonic acid and its wide range of derivatives. This book is of great benefit to organic chemists and researchers.

Table of Contents


List of Common Abbreviations and Symbols Used

Official Publications

Scientific Journals and Periodicals

Chapter 8. Aldehydes and Ketones

1. Introduction

2. Saturated Aldehydes

a. Aldehydes, Alkanals, CnH2n+1CHO

b. Halogen Substitution Products of the Saturated Aldehydes

c. Nitro-Aldehydes

d. Aldehyde Peroxides

e. Ethers and Esters of the Aldehyde Hydrates

f. Sulphur Derivatives of the Saturated Aldehydes

g. Nitrogen-Containing Derivatives of the Aldehydes

3. Unsaturated Aldehydes

a. Olefinic Aldehydes; Alkenals, CnH2n-1CHO

b. Acetylenic Aldehydes; Alkynals, CnH2n-3CHO

c. Di- and Poly-Plefinic Aldehydes

4. Saturated Ketones

a. Ketones; Alkanones; Oxoalkanes, CnH2nO

b. Halogen Substitution Products of the Ketones

c. Nitrosoketones

d. Nitroketones

e. Derivatives of the Ketone Hydrates

f. Sulphur Analogues of the Saturated Ketones

g. Nitrogen Analogues of the Ketones

5. Unsaturated Ketones and Ketens

a. Ketens, RR'C:CO

b. Olefinic Ketones, CnH2n-·CO·CnH2n+1

c. Diolefmic Ketones

d. Acetylenic Ketones

Chapter 9. Monobasic Carboxylic Acids

1. Introduction

2. Saturated Monocarboxylic Acids

a. Formic Acid and Its Derivatives

b. Saturated Fatty Acids

3. Functional Derivatives of the Fatty Acids

a. Esters

b. Acid or Acyl Halides

c. Mixed Anhydrides with Inorganic Oxy-Acids

d. Carboxylic Acid Anhydrides

e. Peroxy-Acids (Per-Acids) and Acyl Peroxides

f. Amides

g. Carbohydrazides

h. Acyl Azides

i. Nitriles or Alkyl Cyanides

j. Carboxamide Chlorides and Imidoyl Chlorides

k. Alkyl Imidates

m. Hydroxamic Acids and Hydroximoyl Chlorides

n. Amidoximes

o. Hydroxamic Acid-Oximes (Oxyamidoximes) and Nitroso-Oximes

p. Hydrazidines, Amidrazones and 1,2-Hihydroformazans

4. Thiocarboxylic Acids

a. Monothiocarboxylic Acids and Esters

b. Dithiocarboxylic Acids and Their Derivatives

c. Nitrogen Derivatives of Thiocarboxylic Acids

5. Halogen Substitution Products of the Fatty Acids

a. Halogenated Acetic Acids

b. Halogenated Propionic Acids

c. Halogen Derivatives of Higher Fatty Acids

6. Derivatives of Ortho-Fatty Acids

a. Ortho-Esters

b. Other Ortho-Compounds

7. Unsaturated Aliphatic Monocarboxylic Acids

a. Introduction

b. Synthesis of Unsaturated Acids

c. Properties and Reactions

d. Unsaturated Acids with Three Carbon Atoms

e. Unsaturated Acids with Four Carbon Atoms

f. Unsaturated Acids with 5-10 Carbon Atoms

g. Unsaturated Acids with 11-17 Carbon Atoms

h. Unsaturated Acids with 18 Carbon Atoms

i. Unsaturated with More than 18 Carbon Atoms

Chapter 10. Carbon Monoxide, Isocyanides and Fulminic Acid

1. Introduction

2. Carbon Monoxide

a. Metal Carbonyls

b. Carbonyl Hydrides or Hydrocarbonyls

c. Synthetic Uses of Carbon Monoxide

3. Isocyanides, Isonitriles or Carbylamines

4. Fulminic Acid

Chapter 11. Carbonic Acid and Its Derivatives

1. Metacarbonic Acid and Its Esters

a. Esters of Carbonic Acid

b. Anhydrides of Primary Esters of Carbonic Acid

2. Halides of Carbonic Acid

a. Monohalide Esters

b. Carbonyl Halides

3. Sulphur Analogues of Carbonic Acid and Their Derivatives

a. Carbon Oxysulphide and Carbon Disulphide

b. Thiocarbonic Acids

c. Halides of the Thiocarbonic Acids

4. Amides and Related Derivatives of Carbonic Acid and the Thiocarbonic Acids

a. Carbamic Acid Derivatives

b. Urea and Its Derivatives

c. Derivatives of Iminodicarboxylic Acid and Nitrilotricarboxylic Acid

d. Derivatives of Iminocarbonic Acid and Isourea

e. Hydrazino, Hydrazo, Azo, Azido and Hydroxyamino Derivatives of Carbonic Acid

f. Sulphur Analogues of Carbamic Acid and Urea

5. Guanidine and Its Derivatives

6. Nitriles and Imides of Carbonic and Thiocarbonic Acids

a. Cyanic Acid and Its Derivatives

b. Sulphur Compounds of Cyanogen

c. Cyanamide and Its Derivatives

d. Derivatives of Carbodi-Imide

7. Derivatives of Orthocarbonic Acid

a. Esters, Tetra-Alkoxymethanes

b. Amino-Derivatives of Orthocarbonic Acid

c. Sulphur Derivatives of Orthocarbonic Acid


Volumes IA, B, D, E, F and G

Vol. IA General Introduction; Hydrocarbons; Halogen Derivatives

Vol. IB Monohydric Alcohols, Their Ethers and Esters; Sulphur Analogues; Nitrogen Derivatives; Organometallic Compounds

Vol. ID Dihydric Alcohols, Their Oxidation Products and Derivatives

Vol. IE Tri- and Tetra-Hydric Alcohols, Their Oxidation Products and Derivatives

Vol. IF Penta- and Higher-Hydric Alcohols, Their Oxidation Products and Derivatives; Saccharides

Vol. IG Enzymes; Macromolecules; Cumulative Index Vols. IA-IG


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© Elsevier 1965
1st January 1965
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