Founded in 1959, by John Kendrew, the Journal of Molecular Biology was the first journal devoted to this new and revolutionary science. To celebrate the thirtieth anniversary of the Journal, the current editor, Sydney Brenner, has selected a number of papers from the first hundred volumes. They include the seminal papers on genetic regulation by Jacob and Monod and on allostery by Monod, Changeux and Jacob. Also included are many important papers on structural biology and molecular genetics and papers reflecting the initial developments in DNA cloning and sequencing. Of value to all biologists with an interest in the molecular basis of living systems, the book is a personal selection by the Editor. Readers are encouraged to compare it with their own choice from the Journal of Molecular Biology.

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Preface The Genetic Control and Cytoplasmic Expression of "Inducibility" in the Synthesis of β-galactosidase by E. coli (1959) Ribonucleoprotein Particles from Escherichia Coli (1959) Structural Components of Bacteriophage (1959) Molecular Homogeneity of the Deoxyribonucleic Acid of Phage T2 (1960) Structural Considerations in the Interaction of DNA and Acridines (1961) The Theory of Mutagenesis (1961) Genetic Regulatory Mechanisms in the Synthesis of Proteins (1961) The Formation of Hybrid DNA Molecules and their use in Studies of DNAc Homologies (1961) An Estimate of the Length of the DNA Molecule of T2 Bacteriophage by Autoradiography (1961) An Active Cistron Fragment (1962) Host Specificity of DNA Produced by Escherichia Coli I. Host controlled modification of bacteriophage λ (1962) The Bacterial Chromosome and its Manner of Replication as seen by Autoradiography (1963) Allosteric Proteins and Cellular Control Systems (1963) Hybrid Protein Formation of E. coli Alkaline Phosphatase Leading to in vitro Complementation (1963) Electron Microscope Studies on the Structure of Natural and Synthetic Protein Filaments from Striated Muscle (1963) N-Formyl-methionyl-S-RNA (1964) On the Mechanism of Genetic Recombination between DNA molecules (1964) An Optical Method for the Analysis of Periodicities in Electron Micrographs, and Some Observations on the Mechanism of Negative Staining (1964) The Detachment and Maturation of Conserved Lambda Prophage DNA (1965) Molecular Consequences of the Amber Mutation and its Suppression (1965) A Two-dimensional Fractionation Procedure for Radioactive Nucleotides (1965) Ochre Mutants, a New Class of Suppressible Nonsense Mutants (1965) Codon-Anticodon Pairing: The Wobble Hypothesis (1966) Specificity of sRNA for Recognition of Codons as Studied by the Ribosomal Binding Technique (1966) Structure of Viruses of the Papilloma-Polyoma Type. IV: Analysis of Tilting Experiments in the Electron Microscope (1968) Structu


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