This book and its companion, Volume I, concentrate on new procedures--especially those based on the new molecular methodology--developed within the past decade. This volume deals with the new genetic and immunological tools applied to the diagnosis of mycoplasma infections of humans, animals, plants, insects, and all cultures. Volume I outlines the approaches, techniques, and procedures applied to cell and molecular biology studies of mycoplasmas.

Key Features

@introbul:Key Features @bul:* Diagnostic genetic probes * Immunological tools * Antibiotic sensitivity testing * Diagnosis of specific diseases * Experimental infections * Diagnosis of mycoplasma infections of cell cultures


Microbiologists, virologists, molecular biologists, clinicians, and plant pathologists.

Table of Contents

J.G. Tully, Mollicute-Host Interrelationships: Current Concepts and Diagnostic Implications. Diagnostic Genetic Probes: S. Razin, Introductory Remarks. K.-E. Johansson, Oligonucleotide Probes Complementary to 16S rRNA. D. Yogev and S. Razin, Cloned Genomics DNA Fragments as Probes. R. Kovacic, O. Grau, and A. Blanchard, PCR: Selection of Target Sequences. B. de Barbeyrac, C. Bebear, and D. Taylor-Robinson, PCR: Preparation of DNA from Clinical Specimens. B. de Barbeyrac and C. Bebear, PCR: Amplified and Identification of Products. R. Harasawa, PCR: Application of Nested PCR to Detection of Mycoplasmas. S.J. Geary and M. Forsyth, PCR: Random Amplified Polymorphic DNA Fingerprinting. Immunological Tools: J.G. Tully, Introductory Remarks. M.B. Brown, J.M. Bradbury, and J.K. Davis, ELISA in Small Animals, Rodents, and Birds. J. Nicolet and J.L. Martel, ELISA in Large Animals. R.Y.-H. Wang and S.-C. Lo, ELISA in Human Urogenital Infections and AIDS. G.H. Cassell, G. Gambil, and L. Duffy, ELISA in Respiratory Infections of Humans. C.B. Thomas, M. Garnier, and J.T. Boothby, Monoclonal Antibodies as Diagnostic Tools. D. Taylor-Robinson, Microimmunofluorescence. D. Thirkell and B.L. Precious, Immunoblots and Immunobinding. J.G. Tully, Differentiation of Mycloplasma genitalium from Mycoplasma pneumoniae by Immunofluoresence. Antibiotic Sensitivity Testing: C. Bebear, Introductory Remarks. G.E. Kenny, Problems and Opportunities in Susceptibility Testin


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