Modulation of Neurochemical Transmission - 1st Edition - ISBN: 9780080263878, 9781483147826

Modulation of Neurochemical Transmission

1st Edition

Proceedings of the 3rd Congress of the Hungarian Pharmacological Society, Budapest, 1979

Editors: E. S. Vizi
eBook ISBN: 9781483147826
Imprint: Pergamon
Published Date: 1st January 1980
Page Count: 490
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Modulation of Neurochemical Transmission, Volume II, documents the proceedings of the 3rd Congress of the Hungarian Pharmacological Society held in Budapest, 1979. It provides a summary of biochemical, electrophysiological, morphological, and pharmacological findings on the modulation of transmitter release. The 45 papers contained in this volume come from the most important laboratories and the contributors are among the world's foremost experts. Key topics discussed include the presynaptic inhibition of neurotransmitters; the properties of pre- and postsynaptic α receptors; histochemical mapping of dopamine neurons in the olfactory brain; neurophysiological aspects of dopaminergic supersensitivity; the role of ATPases in neurochemical transmission; and interaction between noradrenaline and vanadium on brain membrane ATPase. Also presented are papers on neurotransmission in the rat portal vein; the function of cysteine metabolism in rat brain; presynaptic dopamine receptors in sympathetic heart nerves of cats; LSD-induced behavioral effects in rats; and modulation of posttetanic response in the guinea-pig ileum.

Table of Contents


Presynaptic Muscarinic Control of Noradrenaline Release

Non-Synaptic Interaction of Neurotransmitters: Presynaptic Inhibition and Disinhibition

Frequency Dependence of Presynaptic Inhibition of Transmitter Secretion

Pre- and Postsynaptic Receptors: Physiological and Pharmacological Implications

Properties of Pre- and Postsynaptic Receptors

Are Enkephalins Brain Putative Neurotransmitters?

Neuropeptides and Neurotransmitters in the Median Eminence

Purines as Modulators of Autonomic Neuroeffector Transmission

Highly Selective Peptide-Chalones in Human Serum. A Concept on the Control of Physiological Functions by Blood-Borne Selective Inhibitors of Neurochemical Transmission

Vasodilatation Due to Prejunctional Inhibition of Adrenergic Neurotransmission

Release of Dopamine-Beta-Hydroxylase from Noradrenergic Nerve Terminals and Adrenal Medulla; Discrepancy with In Vivo Plasma Measurements

Neurotransmission in the Rat Portal Vein

Is Prejunctional ß-Adrenoceptor Mediated Facilitation of Neuronal Noradrenaline Release Controlled by Neuronal or Adrenal Medullary Adrenaline?

Reduction by Beta1-Receptor Blockade of the Inhibitory Effect of Symphatetic Stimulation on Cholinergic Transmission in the Finkleman Preparation

Histochemical Mapping of Dopamine Neurons in the Olfactory Brain

Different Sensitivity of Pre- and Postsynaptic Dopamine Receptors in the Rat Striatum

Evidence of Presynaptic Dopamine Receptors in Sympathetic Heart Nerves of Cats

Modulation of Catecholamine and 5-Hydroxytryptamine Synthesis by Beta or Opiate Receptors in Rat Brain

LSD-Induced Behavioral Effects in Rats as a Potential Model of Psychosis

Possibilities to Influence the Development and Extinction of Dopaminergic Supersensitivity

Neurophysiological Aspects of Dopaminergic Supersensitivity

Adrenergic Modulation of Cholinergic Reactions in Non-Striatal Brain Regions

The Role of ATPases in Neurochemical Transmission

Interaction between Noradrenaline and Vanadium on Brain Membrane ATPase

Precursor Control of Acetylcholine Synthesis and Release in Isolated Hearts?

Electrophysiological Evidence that Noradrenaline Inhibits Transmitter Release in the Myenteric Plexus

The Effects of Muscarinic Agonists and Antagonists on Acetylcholine Release from Peripheral Cholinergic Nerves in the Absence and Presence of a Cholinesterase Inhibitor

Prostaglandin as a Modulator of Acetylcholine Release in Guinea Pig Myenteric Plexus

Posttetanic Response in the Guinea-Pig Ileum: Modulation by Enkephalins and Prostaglandins

The Capsaicin-Sensitive Non-Parasympathetic Excitatory Innervation of the Small Intestine

Modulatory Mechanisms in Isolated organs of Noradrenergic Type

Alpha Adrenoreceptors in the Guinea-Pig Ileum

Cholinergic Histamine Release from Mast Cell

The Importance of H2-Receptors in Hypothermic Action of Histamine in Rats

Modulation of Presynaptic Acetylcholine Release at the Neuromuscular Junction

The Effect of Agents Affecting Cyclic AMP and Calcium Metabolism on the Isolated Skeletal Muscle

Monoaminergic Mechanisms of Some Atypical Antidepressants

Interaction of N-Acyl and N-Sulfonyl Derivatives of Sulfonic Amino Acids with 3H-GABA Binding Sites in Rat Brain

Possible Function of Cysteine Metabolism in Rat Brain

Regulation of Brain Tyrosine Hydroxylase Activity by Neuroleptics and Psychostimulants

Effect of Gastrin and Gastrin Fragments on Brain Monoamines

The Effect of Protected TRH and TRH Analogues on Monoamine Contents of Different Brain Areas in Rats

GABA-ergic Substances and Vascular System

The Role of Monoaminergic Pathways in the Memory Effects of Vasopressin

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