Many aspects of the interaction of radiation with glasses are reviewed in this volume, with contributions from a broad scientific community. Several of the papers focus on the interdisciplinary approach required to connect technological applications to the basic interactions of energetic ions with insulators, reporting on the challenging problems that still remain to be solved. The high quality of these contributions once again demonstrates that the E-MRS is an efficient forum for interaction between research workers and industry. The proceedings represent an ideal bridge between the sixth and the planned seventh International Conference on Radiation Effects in Insulators to be held in Japan in 1993.

Table of Contents

Chemical modifications induced by ion implantation in glasses (J.-C. Dran). Compound formation in ion-implanted glasses (G. Battaglin). Chemical and physical modifications in waste glasses ion implanted at different temperatures (H. Matzke et al.). Irradiation effects on the diffusion in silicate glasses (P. Calmon, Y. Serruys). Ion implantation in glasses: Mechanical modifications (G.W. Arnold). Self-diffusion of Na in GP 98/12 waste glass under x-ray irradiation (M. Yamashita, H. Matzke). A transient thermodynamic model for track formation in amorphous semiconductors: A possible mechanism? (C. Dufour et al.). Photoconductivity in Co+ - implanted a-As2 Se3 (G.J. Adriaenssens et al.). Optical modifications in ion implanted glasses (P.D. Townsend). Impurity diffusions in the metallic glass Fe40 Ni40 B20 measured by SIMS (S.K. Sharma et al.). Etching effects in ion implanted SiO2 (G. Battaglin et al.). Ion implanted waveguides in laser glasses (G. Kakarantzas et al.).


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