Modern and Past Glacial Environments

1st Edition

Revised Student Edition

Print ISBN: 9780750642262
eBook ISBN: 9780080497327
Imprint: Butterworth-Heinemann
Published Date: 2nd January 2002
Page Count: 576
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In combining and revising the two titles 'Past Glacial Environments' and 'Modern Glacial Environments', Dr Menzies and his contributors provide the most comprehensive and wide-ranging book ever prepared on both topics.

This text is produced with the student mind, providing accessibility to a complex subject and introducing topics that provide the fundamental underpinnings of knowledge on glaciers, ice sheets, their sediments and landscapes. Modern and Past Glacial Environments features a large collection of photographs, line diagrams and tables and includes examples of glacial environments and landscapes which are drawn from a world wide perspective. Together with a web- based set of current and comprehensive references and bibliographic sources, it provides an ideal reference text.

This survey includes coverage of the glaciology, geomorphology and sedimentology of modern glaciers and ice sheets, and the sediments and forms generated within Pleistocene and pre-Pleistocene glacial environments. Quaternary scientists and students will find this work their first point of reference. Likewise students of Physical Geography, Geology, Earth Science, Engineering Geology, Civil Engineering, and Environmental Sciences should find this a useful guide and reference to Glacial Geomorphology and Geology.

Key Features

Essential new academic version Highest contributors in their fields Well reviewed first editions


Glacial geomorphology, geology, geography and earth sciences undergraduate and postgraduate students.

Table of Contents

Prefaces of both volumes; New Academic Version Preface; Introduction to Glacial Environments - past and modern; Glaciation & its causes; Glaciers and Ice Sheets; Ice Flow & Hydrology; Glacial Erosion & Transportation; Glacial Deposition; Subglacial Environments; Proglacial Environments; Supraglacial and Ice Marginal Environments; Glaciolacustrine Environments; Glaciomarine Environments; Glaciotectonics; Glacial Stratigraphy; Problems & Perspectives; References; Index


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The previous volumes met with great reviews: 'One cannot fail to be impressed by the wealth of information available in these two volumes' Quaternary Science Reviews 'Essential reading for all serious students.' Antarctic Science 'A text that provides a comprehensive, current survey of the glaciology, geomorphology, and sedimentology of modern glaciers and ice sheets through an understanding of the processes, dynamics, and sediments found in these environments...' Book News Inc. ' provides the best synthesis of glaciology and glacial geologic processes to date....' Eos 'Interwoven with the numerous, informative examples are past and current hypotheses about various glacial processes and attempts to integrate individual processes into larger models, each chapter identifying current problems. This approach works.' GSA Today