Moderate Sedation/Analgesia

2nd Edition

Core Competencies for Practice


  • Michael Kost
    • Print ISBN 9780721603247

    Key Features

    • Includes a greater focus on the core competencies necessary for clinical practice.
    • Concept Checks are integrated throughout to help the learner assess the mastering of the content presented.
    • Includes the recommended standards of practice from the ANA, AORN, American Academy of Pediatrics, and JCAHO's Sample Policies & Procedures.
    • Contains sample clinical competencies for moderate sedation so the book can be used as a study guide and measurement tool.
    • Incorporates throughout important information on the specific moderate sedation parameters of the pediatric and geriatric patients addressing preprocedural assessment, physiologic variations, pharmacologic considerations and sedative techniques.
    • Includes a comprehensive pharmacologic profile of each medication used in the moderate sedation practice setting.

    Table of Contents

    UNIT ONE: Preprocedural Patient Care
    1. Goals, Definitions, Practice Standards and Guidelines
    2. Presedation Assessment and Patient Selection

    UNIT TWO: Procedural Patient Care
    3. Pharmacologic Concepts
    4. Sedation/Analgesia Medication and Techniques of Administration
    5. Sedation/Analgesia Pharmacologic Profile
    6. Procedural Patient Monitoring
    7. Airway Management and Management of Respiratory Complications
    8. Intravenous Insertion Techniques/Intravenous Solutions
    9. Geriatric Patient Care
    10. Pediatric Patient Care

    UNIT THREE: Postsedation Patient Care
    11. Postsedation Patient Care, Monitoring, and Discharge Criteria
    12. Risk Management Strategies

    A. Practice Guidelines for Sedation and Analgesia by Non-Anesthesiologists
    B. Joint Commissions: Standards for Sedation and Anesthesia Care
    C. Endorsement of Position Statement on the Role of the Regional Nurse (RN) in the Management of Patients Receiving IV Conscious Sedation for Short-Term Therapeutic, Diagnostic, or Surgical Procedures
    D. American Academy of Pediatrics Committee on Drugs
    E. Clinical Competencies for Sedation-Analgesia
    F. American Association of Nurse Anesthetists
    G. Learner Self-Assessment References


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