Models of Urban & Regional Systems in Developing Countries, Volume 36

1st Edition

Some Theories and Their Application in Physical Planning

Authors: George Chadwick
Paperback ISBN: 9780080229997
eBook ISBN: 9781483285535
Imprint: Pergamon
Published Date: 16th February 2016
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Table of Contents

Developing countries: a perspective. Population, urbanization and migration. Urbanization, city distributions and city locations: systems of cities. The plural society, the dual economy and the two circuits. Models of developing country situations. Models of specific systems in developing countries: some case studies. Reflections on the theories and models and their application. Note on a possible modelling opportunity in Hong Kong. References. Acknowledgements. Index.


This work is concerned with the understanding of the structure and behaviour of urban and regional systems in developing countries. Professor Chadwick considers not only how such systems change, but also how they might be changed by some form of manipulation. Both these purposes necessarily involve the activity of modelling the systems concerned. This study has been enriched by the author's own experience in Bahrain, Hong Kong, Korea and Saudi Arabia.


For those involved in urban and regional planning, students and practising planners.


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Reviews does shed light on changing relationships between policy attitudes,public transport and urban planning. @source:Urban Studies

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