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Table of Contents

Part 1: Neurologic and Psychiatric Emergencies

001 Dystonic Drug Reaction
002 Heat Illness (Heat Edema, Heat Syncope, Heat Cramps, Heat Exhaustion)
003 Hyperventilation
004 Hysterical Coma or Pseudoseizure
005 Idiopathic Facial Paralysis (Bell’s Palsy)
006 Migraine Headache
007 Seizures (Convulsions, Fits), Adult
008 Seizures (Convulsions, Fits), Febrile and Pediatric
009 Tension-Type (Muscle Contraction) Headache
010 Trivial, Minimal, and Minor Head Trauma (Concussion)
011 Vasovagal or Neurocardiogenic or Neurally Mediated Syncope (Faint, Swoon)
012 Vertigo (Dizziness, Lightheadedness)
013 Weakness

Part 2: Ophthalmologic Emergencies

014 Conjunctivitis (Pink Eye)
015 Contact Lens Complications
016 Corneal Abrasion
017 Foreign Body, Conjunctival
018 Foreign Body, Corneal
019 Hordeolum (Sty)
020 Iritis (Acute Anterior Uveitis)
021 Periorbital and Conjunctival Edema
022 Periorbital Ecchymosis (Black Eye)
023 Removal of Dislocated Contact Lens
024 Subconjunctival Hemorrhage
025 Ultraviolet Keratoconjunctivitis (Welders or Tanning Bed Burn)

Part 3: Ear, Nose, and Throat Emergencies

026 Cerumen Impaction (Earwax Blockage)
027 Epitaxis (Nosebleed)
028 Foreign Body, Ear
029 Foreign Body, Nose
030 Foreign Body, Throat
031 Laryngotracheobronchitis (Croup)
032 Mononucleosis (Glandular Fever)
033 Nasal Fracture (Broken Nose)
034 Otitis Externa (Swimmer’s Ear), Acute
035 Otitis Media, Acute
036 Otitis Media with Effusion; Serous (Secretory) Otitis Media (Glue Ear)
037 Perforated Tympanic Membrane (Ruptured Eardrum)
038 Pharyngitis (Sore Throat)
039 Rhinitis, Acute (Runny Nose)
040 Rhinosinusitis (Sinusitis)

Part 4: Oral and Dental Emergencies

041 Aphthous Ulcer, Acute
042 Avulsed Toot


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