Mineral Nutrition of Fruit Trees

Mineral Nutrition of Fruit Trees

Studies in the Agricultural and Food Sciences

1st Edition - January 1, 1980

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  • Authors: D. Atkinson, J.E. Jackson, R.O. Sharples
  • eBook ISBN: 9781483164281

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Mineral Nutrition of Fruit Trees summarizes the state of knowledge about the mineral nutrition of fruit trees, including peach and apple trees. The discussions are organized around six themes: fruit tree mineral nutrition and crop quality; uptake and transport; effect of soil management and fertilizer applications on nutrient uptake; direct application of nutrients to foliage and fruits; prediction of nutrient requirements; and synthesis. This text consists of 69 chapters and begins with a section dealing with the effects of nutrition on fruit quality. The second section explores the mechanisms of nutrient entry to, and movement within, fruit trees and the means of influencing the nutrition of both the whole tree and the crop by fertilizers and management practices, including irrigation and the use of herbicides. The third section describes methods for predicting the needs of the tree for establishment, growth, and fruit quality. The effects of interactions between nutrition and environment on the mineral composition of fruits are considered, along with an integrated approach to orchard nutrition and bitter pit control, the influence of boron deficiency on fruit quality, and calcium accumulation in apple fruit. This book will be of interest to scientists working in fields such as biochemistry, food technology, agriculture, horticulture, and physiology.

Table of Contents

  • I Fruit Tree Mineral Nutrition and Crop Quality

    1 Mineral Nutrition and Fruit Quality of Temperate Zone Fruit Trees

    2 Modern Concepts in Fruit Nutrition

    3 The Influence of Orchard Nutrition on the Storage Quality of Apples and Pears Grown in the United Kingdom

    4 The Influence of Mineral Nutrition on the Quality and Storage Performance of Pome Fruits Grown in North America

    5 Interactions of Nutrition and Environment on Mineral Composition of Fruits

    6 Cell Ultrastructure in Apple Fruits in Relation to Calcium Concentration and Fruit Quality

    7 Scanning Electron Microscopy and Electron Microprobe Studies of Bitter Pit in Apples

    8 An Integrated Approach to Orchard Nutrition and Bitter Pit Control

    9 Influence of Shoot Growth, Average Fruit Weight and Daminozide on Bitter Pit

    10 Effects of the Supply of Calcium and Magnesium on the Composition and Susceptibility of Golden Delicious Apples to Physiological and Pathological Disorders

    11 Watercore: its Relationship to Mean Fruit Size and Calcium Concentration and Relevance to Other Disorders

    12 Mineral Content of Anjou Pear Fruit Affected with Green Blotch

    13 Mineral Nutrition and Physiological Fruit Disorders in the Niederelbe Region of Germany

    14 The Influence of Boron Deficiency on Fruit Quality

    II Uptake and Transport

    15 The Effect of Soil Physical Conditions on Roots and Uptake

    16 Mineral Nutrition and Tree Root Growth

    17 The Growth and Distribution of Fruit Tree Roots: Some Consequences for Nutrient Uptake

    18 Uptake and Transport of Nutrients

    19 Effects of Time and Amount of Nutrient Additive on Nutrient Status and Distribution and on Fruit Quality

    20 Mineral Absorption and Distribution in Young Apple Trees Under Various Environmental Conditions

    21 The Uptake and Transport of Calcium in the Fruit Tree

    22 Interaction between Nutrient Uptake and Photosynthesis

    23 Crop Load and Nutrient Translocation

    General Discussion of Ion Uptake and Transport

    24 Effect of Summer Pruning Treatments of Vigorous Apple Trees on the Nutrient Contents of Foliage and Fruits

    25 Distribution of Some Elements in Leaves and Fruits of Golden Delicious Grown on Different Rootstocks Under the Same Nutritional Conditions

    26 15N in Fruit Tree Nutrition

    27 Changes in Apple Bark Storage Protein at the Onset of Growth

    28 Growth Regulators and Calcium Accumulation in Apple Fruit

    29 Uptake of Nutrients by the Apple Fruit

    Discussion on Mobilization and Partition of Mineral Nutrients

    III Effect of Soil Management and Fertilizer Applications on Nutrient Uptake

    30 Uptake of Nutrients by Trees Grown in Herbicide Strips

    31 Some Effects of Orchard Soil Management on the Mineral Nutrition of Apple Trees

    32 Irrigation, Water Status and Nutrient Uptake in an Apple Orchard

    33 Management Practices and Nutrition in Apple Trees

    34 The Importance of Calcium and Nitrogen Source in Fruit Tree Nutrition

    35 Relationships between Soil Factors and Magnesium Deficiency in Apple

    36 Effects of Nitrogen Supply on some Components of Fruit Quality in Apples

    37 Influence of Sources, Rates and Times of Soil Application of Nitrogen on Apple Tree Performance and Fruit Quality in Ontario, Canada

    38 Effect of Nitrogen Fertilization on Yield and Quality of Moltke Pear

    39 Effects of Herbicide Strip Width and Nitrogen on Crop and Fruit Quality

    40 Influence of Nitrogen Nutrition on the Fruit Quality of Virus-Free and Virus-Infected Apple Trees

    41 The Effects of Orchard and Environmental Factors on Phosphorus and Nitrogen Concentrations in Apple and Pear Fruits

    42 Influence of Nitrogen Fertilization on Yield and Quality of Canned Fruits

    43 Nitrogen and Lime Treatment Effects on the Nutrient Balance of Apples

    44 Mineral Uptake by Cox Apple Trees over a Season

    45 Growth and Mineral Accumulation of Apple Trees

    46 Nitrogen Balance of Orchards Influenced by Soil Management

    Discussion Session on Nitrogen and Phosphorus Nutrition

    IV Direct Application of Nutrients to Foliage and Fruits

    47 Dressing or Spraying Calcium for Bitter Pit Control

    48 The Influence of Calcium Chloride Rate and Spray Method on the Calcium Concentration of Apple Fruits

    49 Foliar Penetration of Micronutrients: Study with Isolated Pear Leaf Cuticles of Cuticular Retention and Penetration of Zinc

    50 Bitter Pit-Like Symptoms in Quinces; Effect of Calcium and Boron Sprays on the Control of the Disorder

    51 Influence of Phosphorus Sprays on the Storage Quality of Apples

    52 Calcium Absorption in Apples and Pears Treated Postharvest with Calcium, Zinc and Urea

    53 The Influence of Postharvest Calcium Treatments on the Internal Browning of Passe Crassane Pears

    54 Autoradiographic Localization of 45CA and 36Cl After Postharvest Dipping of Apple Fruits

    55 Direct Uptake of Calcium by the Fruit by Postharvest Application

    General Discussion of Postharvest Vacuum Infiltration Treatments

    V Prediction of Nutrient Requirements

    56 Nutrient Cycling: The Estimation of Orchard Nutrient Uptake

    57 Nitrogen Fertilizer Requirements of Fruit Trees as Related to Soil Mineral Nitrogen Content in Spring

    58 Soil and Tissue Analysis in Predicting Nutrient Needs

    59 Leaf Analysis of Peach and Apple Trees in Italy

    60 The Use of Leaf Analysis in Advisory Work in the UK

    61 The Use of Leaf Analysis in Predicting Storage Quality of Apples

    62 Conservation and Reutilization of Bark Proteins in Apple Trees

    63 Effects of Different Levels of Manganese and Boron upon the Nutrient Status and the Incidence of Internal Bark Necrosis in Apple Trees

    64 Biochemical Indicators for Micronutrient Deficiencies. A Case Study: Iron Nutrition of Apple Trees and Peroxidase Activity

    65 The Prediction of Bitter Pit

    66 Use of Fruit Analysis

    67 Problems Associated with the Analysis of Apple Fruit

    68 Influence of Store Environment on Calcium Requirements of Fruit

    General Discussion of the Prediction of Nutrient Requirements

    69 Future Analytical Requirements in the Fruit Industry

    VI Synthesis

    General Discussion of the Mineral Nutrition of Fruit Trees

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  • No. of pages: 452
  • Language: English
  • Copyright: © Butterworth-Heinemann 1980
  • Published: January 1, 1980
  • Imprint: Butterworth-Heinemann
  • eBook ISBN: 9781483164281

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J.E. Jackson

R.O. Sharples

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