Mind Maps in Pathology

1st Edition


  • Peter Dervan
  • Michele Harrison
    • Print ISBN 9780443070549

    Key Features

    • Facilitates study with easy-to-remember key words and visual representations of their inter-relationships.
    • Promotes a fuller understanding of how concepts relate to one another, making it easier to retain the material and priming the brain to process further information on each topic (the "semantic prime" effect).
    • Encompasses every aspect of pathology—from basic principles to disease mechanisms and pathology related to specific body systems.

    Table of Contents

    I. Basic pathology: Introduction to pathology Characteristics, classification, and incidence of disease Genetic and environmental basis of disease

    II. Disease mechanisms: Disorders of growth, differentiation, and morphogenesis Response to cellular injury Disorders of metabolism and homeostasis Ischaemia, infarction, and shock Immunology and immunopathology Inflammation Carcinogenesis and neoplasia Aging and death

    III. Systematic pathology: Cardiovascular system Respiratory tract Alimentary system Liver, biliary tract, and exocrine pancreas Endocrine system Breast Female genital tract Male genital tract Kidneys and urinary tract Lymph nodes, thymus, and spleen Blood and bone marrow Skin Osteoarticular and connective tissue Central and peripheral nervous system


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