Key Features

  • Introduces the subject of midwifery models of care
  • Includes the different types of models of care, such as: team midwifery, caseload midwifery, one to one midwifery, and lead maternity caregiver
  • Includes international contributions and examples from Australia, New Zealand, the UK, Canada and the US
  • Discusses care within different settings: city; rural; and remote; as well as the different organisational and industrial challenges
  • Provides information in the form of evidence, stories and experiences to facilitate and support the establishment of models of midwifery care.
  • Written by a team who have direct experience rather than only in an academic sense
  • Brings shared knowledge together from different contexts will be valuable in a range of settings
  • Includes photographs, tables and figures

Table of Contents

Introduction: Professors Caroline Homer, Pat Brodie & Nicky Leap

Chapter 1: Getting started: What is midwifery continuity of care? Professors Caroline Homer, Pat Brodie & Nicky Leap

Chapter 2 – Midwifery continuity of care? What is the evidence? Professors Jane Sandall, Lesley Page, Caroline Homer and Nicky Leap

Chapter 3 – Understanding your context: Preparing for change. Dr Chris Hendry

Chapter 4 – Introducing cointinuity of care in mainstream maternity services: Building blocks for success: Professors Nicky Leap, Caroline Homer and Pat Brodie

Chapter 5 – Effective collaboration with medical colleagues: Making it happen: Professor Pat Brodie, Dr Greg Davis, Professor Caroline Homer

Chapter 6 – Planning and implementing mainstream midwifery group practices in a tertiary setting: Chris Cornwell, Roz Donnellan Fernandez and Anne Nixon

Chapter 7 – Ensuring safety and quality: Jane Raymond, Donna Hartz and Dr Michael Nicol

Chapter 8 –Sustaining midwifery continuity of care: Perspectives for managersProfessor Pat Brodie, Professor Cathy Warwick Carolyn Hastie, Liz Smythe and Carolyn Young

Chapter 9 – The challenges of evaluating midwifery continuity of care Professors Maralyn Foureur and Jane Sandall

Chapter 10 – Midwifery continuity of care for specific communities: Professors Caroline Homer, Pat Brodie & Nicky Leap

Chapter 11: Politics, policy and the press: Crucial pieces in the maternity reform jigsaw. Dr Barbara Vernon

Chapter 12: Midwifery continuity of care: The future: Professors Caroline Homer, Pat Brodie & Nicky Leap


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