Midwifery: Best Practice Volume 5 - 1st Edition - ISBN: 9780750675406

Midwifery: Best Practice Volume 5

1st Edition

Authors: Sara Wickham
Paperback ISBN: 9780750675406
Imprint: Books for Midwives
Published Date: 12th November 2008
Page Count: 344


This is Volume 5 in the Midwifery: Best Practice series. Each of the volumes in this Series is built around the familiar core of four main topic areas relevant to midwifery: pregnancy, labour / birth, postnatal and stories / reflection - and also includes a number of ‘focus on…’ sections. These are different in each volume and reflect a wide range of key and topical issues within midwifery. Each volume builds upon the others to provide a comprehensive library of articles that shows the development of thought in key midwifery areas. Volume 5 offers a range of wholly new topic areas within the ‘focus on…’ sections covering: ‘the birthing environment’, ‘women, midwives and risk’, ‘holistic health’ and ‘working/international stories’.

Key Features

  • A practical reference source containing a wide range of articles, research and original material in an easily accessible format
  • Volume 5 offers a more interactive learning experience by inviting midwives to create their own questions before reading the articles, and then returning to these afterwards for reflective thought
  • Diverse opinions on selected topics provide a comprehensive resource for debate and discussion
  • Unique approach includes ideas on how to turn reading into professional development activities
  • Includes 60 articles from The Practising Midwife (2004-5);4 research articles from Midwifery (2004-5); 3 articles from The Journal of Midwifery and Women’s Health (2003-5); and 5 original articles commissioned for this book.

Table of Contents

SECTION 1 Women and midwives

1.1 Women, midwives, partnership and power
1.2 Conflicting ideologies as a source of emotion work in midwifery
1.3 Advice on advice
1.4 Developing a maternity unit visiting policy
1.5 Handle with care!
1.6 Protecting the public - from me
1.7 The landscape of caring for women: a narrative study of midwifery practice
1.8 Midwives: praise and beyond
Topics for further reflection

SECTION 2 Focus on…The Birthing Environment

2.1 How women choose where to give birth
2.2 Home birth: a social process, not a medical crisis
2.3 Home birth: safe as houses?
2.4 The influence of maternity units' intrapartum intervention rates and midwives' risk perception for women suitable for midwifery-led care
2.5 Birth centres: a success story
2.6 Defining and developing the birth centre
2.7 Improving the birthing environment (parts 1 and 2)
Topics for further reflection

SECTION 3 Pregnancy

3.1 Tell me a story
3.2 Getting parent education right
3.3 Fears and feelings in second-time pregnancy
3.4 Women's needs from antenatal care in three European countries
3.5 Women's experiences of unexpected ultrasound findings
3.6 TTP and me
3.7 A guide to less common antenatal blood tests
3.8 The assisted conception pregnancy
3.9 Asking the question: antenatal domestic violence
3.10 Preventing infant allergies
Topics for further reflection

SECTION 4 Focus On … Women, Midwives and Risk

4.1 Blood transfusion: the hidden dangers
4.2 Coagulation disorders (1) Deep vein thrombosis: breaking the silence
4.3 Coagulation disorders (2) Pulmonary embolism
4.4 An early warning system for pre-eclampsia
Topics for further reflection

SECTION 5 Labour and Birth

5.1 Births that taught me important lessons
5.2 Unlocking the potential for normality
5.3 Lambs to the slaughter
5.4 Water: what are we afraid of?
5.5 Routine


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