Microweighing in Vacuum and Controlled Environments, Volume 4

1st Edition

Editors: A.W. Czanderna S.P. Wolsky
Hardcover ISBN: 9780444418685
eBook ISBN: 9780444596468
Imprint: North Holland
Published Date: 1st January 1980
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Table of Contents


Chapter 1. Introduction and Microbalance Review

I. Introduction

II. History

III. Definitions

IV. Classifications of Various Types of Microbalance

A. Introduction: The Ideal Microbalance

B. Types of Instruments

C. Methods of Monitoring Mass Changes

D. Methods for Automatic Sensing of Movement from the Null Point

E. Materials for Microbalance Fabrication

F. Conclusion: The Ultimate Microbalance

V. Calibration Techniques

VI. Auxiliary Equipment for Operation of a Vacuum Microbalance

A. Introduction

B. Vacuum Operation

C. Vibrational Mounts

D. Thermostatic Operation

E. Automatic Operation

F. Manual Operation

G. High Temperature Operation

H. Low Temperature Operation

VII. Undesirable Disturbances or Forces

A. Adsorption and Desorption Effects

B. Temperature Fluctuations

C. Static Charge Forces

D. Convection Currents

E. Buoyancy Forces

F. Radiometric Forces that Result from the Thermomolecular Flow of Gases

G. Water Vapor Effects

VIII. Applications

A. Classic Operation

B. Simultaneous Measurement of Mass and Other Physical Parameters

C. Future

D. Thermogravimetry



Chapter 2. Beam Microbalance Design, Construction and Operation

I. Introduction

II. Some General Theoretical Considerations in Beam Microbalance Design

III. Microbalance Selection Considerations


Methods and Phenomena, 4: Their Applications in Science and Technology: Microweighing in Vacuum and Controlled Environments focuses on the principles, methodologies, and approaches involved in micro mass measurements.

The selection first elaborates on introduction and microbalance review, beam microbalance design, construction and operation, and sources of error in microweighing in controlled environments. Discussions focus on Brownian motion, Knudsen forces, gravitational forces, microbalance construction and operation, auxiliary equipment for operation of a vacuum microbalance, undesirable disturbances or forces, calibration techniques, and classification of various types of microbalances.

The text then takes a look at physical adsorption studies and chemisorption studies with the vacuum microbalance, simultaneous microgravimetric and residual gas analyzer measurements, and simultaneous measurement of mass change and infrared spectra. Topics include chemisorption results obtained on other solids and silver powders, probing the surface phase, quantitative information from adsorption and desorption, measuring techniques, and examples of physisorption measurements and their evaluation. The manuscript examines unusual applications of the vacuum microbalance and high temperature reaction studies, as well as empirical and theoretical rate laws, permeation of water vapor through plastic membranes, and measurement of permittivity and dielectric loss factor.

The selection is a valuable source of data for researchers wanting to explore microweighing in vacuum and controlled environments.


© North Holland 1980
North Holland
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@qu:This compendium of discussions of the application of the beam microbalance is a valuable source of information for all who wish to apply these techniques to current and future problems. Excellent reviews of many aspects of microweighing are presented by internationally renowned authorities in the areas of theoretical analyses, design, fabrication, and application... an excellent volume which should be considered required reading for analysts and physical scientists... @source:Journal of Colloid & Interface Science

About the Editors

A.W. Czanderna Editor

S.P. Wolsky Editor

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