Microwave Fixation of Labile Metabolites

1st Edition

Proceedings of an Official Satellite Symposium of the 8th International Congress of Pharmacology Held in Tokyo, Japan, on 25 July 1981

Editors: C. Leroy Blank William B. Stavinoha Yuji Maruyama
Hardcover ISBN: 9780080298290
eBook ISBN: 9781483159058
Imprint: Pergamon
Published Date: 30th September 1983
Page Count: 204
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Microwave Fixation of Labile Metabolites documents the proceedings of an official Satellite Symposium of the 8th International Congress of Pharmacology held in Tokyo, Japan, on 25 July 1981. The Symposium was entitled ""Drug Effects on Rapidly Metabolized Compounds in the CNS: Rapid Tissue Fixation with Microwave Irradiation."" The volume begins with a discussion of the use of microwave irradiation to study the concentration and interrelationships of neurochemicals in the brain. This is followed by papers on the effects of immobilization on the increases in cerebellar cyclic GMP induced by cold exposure or apomorphine; importance of rapid enzymatic inactivation prior to the determination of endogenous levels of catecholamines; use of glycolic acid to study catecholamines in the brain following microwave irradiation. Also include are studies on methods for preventing the post mortem increase in γ-aminobutyric acid (GABA); the effect of microwave irradiation on catecholamine levels in the central nervous system; and effect of microwave irradiation in the brain histamine level of rats.

Table of Contents

Contributors Seminars: Drug Effects on Rapidly Metabolized Compounds in the CNS: Rapid Tissue Fixation with Microwave Irradiation Study of Brain Neurochemistry Utilizing Rapid Inactivation of Brain Enzymes by Heating with Microwave Irradiation Studies of Different Labile Pools of Acetylcholine in Brain by Using Alternative Methods of Sacrifice by Microwave Irradiation Contribution of Locomotor Activity to Change in Cerebellar Cyclic GMP Following Administration of Drugs The Importance of Rapid Enzymatic Inactivation in the Determination of Catecholamines in the Mouse Brain Histochemical Fluorescence of Brain Catecholamines Following Microwave Irradiation Comparison of Central Nervous System Neurotransmitter Levels in the Rat Brain Following Decapitation and Microwave Irradiation Microwave Heating and Serotonin Determinations Post Mortem Changes of γ-Aminobutyric Acid in the Murine Brain Following Microwave Irradiation Catecholamines in the Hypothalamo-Pituitary-Thyroid System of Microwave Irradiated Rats Effect of Cholinergic Drugs, Stress and Locomotor Activity on Cyclic Nucleotides in Brain and Pituitary Elevation of Rat brain Histamine Content by Microwave Irradiation Application of Microwave Irradiation to the Analysis of Cyclic Nucleotides in Mouse Brain during Convulsions Induced by N,N'-dibenzoylguanidine Microwave Irradiation Eliminates Circadian Rhythm in Whole Brain Serotonin but Facilitates Quantitation of Bound and Free Serotonin Content Catecholamine Turnover in the Central Nervous System and Effects of Clonidine and Guanfacine The Role of Glutamate Decarboxylase and GABA Transaminase in Post Mortem GABA Increases in Discrete Regions of Rat Brain Changes in the Levels of Cyclic Nucleotides and Monoamines in Rat Brain during the Sleep-Wakefulness Cycle: Application of the Microwave Fixation Method to Sleep Research Study of Regional Blood Volume in the Brain of the Mouse Using 250 msec Coagulation Following Administration of a Dihydroge


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About the Editor

C. Leroy Blank

William B. Stavinoha

Yuji Maruyama