Microtubules, in vitro, Volume 115

1st Edition

Editors: John Correia Leslie Wilson
Serial Volume Editors: Leslie Wilson John Correia
Hardcover ISBN: 9780123748157
eBook ISBN: 9780080888583
Imprint: Academic Press
Published Date: 1st June 2010
Page Count: 699
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Table of Contents

Section1: Isolation, Biochemistry and Characterization of Antibodies and Isotypes.

  1. nbsp;Preparation of Microtubule Protein and Purified Tubulin from Bovine Brain by Cycles of Assembly and Disassembly and Phosphocellulose Chromatography
  2. Herbert P. Miller and Leslie Wilson

  3. Measurement Of Ligand Binding To Tubulin By Sulfhydryl Reactivity
  4. Adrian Begaye and Dan L Sackett

  5. Isolating Tubulin From Nonneural Sources
  6. Dan L. Sackett, Karl A. Werbovetz and Naomi S. Morrissette

  7. Characterization of Anti-b -Tubulin Antibodies
  8. Anthony J. Spano* and Anthony Frankfurter

  9. Expression profiling of tubulin isotypes and microtubule interacting proteins using real-time polymerase chain reaction
  10. Sharon Lobert, Laree Hiser and John J. Correia

  11. Nondenaturing Electrophoresis As A Tool To Investigate Tubulin Complexes
  12. Mónica López-Fanarraga, Gerardo Carranza, Raquel Castaño, Sofia Nolasco, J. Avila and J.C. Zabala

  13. Mass spectrometry analysis of c-terminal posttranslational Modifications of tubulins
  14. Redeker, Virginie

  15. Methods in Tubulin Proteomics
  16. Leah M. Miller, Hui Xiao, Berta Burd, Susan Band Horwitz, Ruth Hogue Angeletti, Pascal Verdier-Pinard

    Section 2: Microtubule Structure and Dynamics

  17. nbsp;Cryo-EM Studies of Microtubule Structural Intermediates and Kinetochore-Microtubule Interactions
  18. Eva Nogales, Vincent H. Ramey and Hong-Wei Wang

  19. High resolution imaging of microtubules and cytoskeleton structures by Atomic Force Microscopy
  20. Loic Hamon, Patrick A. Curmi, David Pastré

  21. Holly V. Goodson and Ivan V. Gregoretti
  22. Using computational modeling to understand microtubule dynamics: a primer for cell biologists

  23. Analysis of Dynamic Instability of Steady State Microt


There continues to be intense interest in the microtubule cytoskeleton; the assembly, structure and regulation of microtubules; and the numerous motors and accessory proteins that control cell cycle, dynamics, organization and transport. The field continues to grow and explore new aspects of these issues driven immensely by developments in optical imaging and tracking techniques. This volume (complemented by the forthcoming companion volume by Cassimeris and Tran) brings together current research and protocols in the field of microtoubules in vitro and will serve as a valuable tool for cell biologists, biophysicists and pharmacologists who study the microtubule cytoskeleton, as well as for researchers in the biomedical and biotechnology communities with interest in developing drugs that target microtubules, MAPS and motors.

Key Features

  • Chapters reflect both experimental procedures and new developments in the field of microtubule in vitro research.
    Combines classical approaches and modern technologies
    Presents easy-to-use protocols and thorough background information, compiled by leaders in the field


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