Microgrid Protection and Control

Microgrid Protection and Control

1st Edition - June 23, 2021

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  • Authors: Dehua Zheng, Wei Zhang, Solomon Netsanet, Ping Wang, Girmaw Bitew, Dan Wei, Jun Yue
  • eBook ISBN: 9780128211960
  • Paperback ISBN: 9780128211892

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Microgrid Protection and Control is the result of numerous research works and publications by R&D engineers and scientists of the Microgrid and Energy Internet Research Centre. Through the authors long-routed experience in the microgrid and energy internet industry, this book looks at the sophisticated protection and control issues connected to the special nature of microgrid. The book explains the different ways of classifying types of microgrids and common misconceptions, looking at industrial and research trends along with the different technical issues and challenges faced with deploying microgrid in various settings. Forecasting short-term demand and renewable generation for optimal operation is covered with techniques for accurate enhancement supported with practical application examples. With chapters on dynamic, transient and tertiary control and experimental and simulation tests this reference is useful for all those working in the research, engineering and application of microgrids and power distribution systems.

Key Features

  • Contains practical examples to support the research and experimental results on microgrid protection and control
  • Includes detailed theories and referential algorithms
  • Provides innovative solutions to technical issues in protection and control of microgrids


Microgrid researchers, Microgrid engineers, undergraduate and graduate students of electrical engineering

Table of Contents

  • 1. The Concepts of Microgrid and Related Terminologies
    1.1. Introduction
    1.2. Related Concepts
    1.3. Misconceptions About Microgrid
    1.4. Types of Microgrid
    2. Current Industrial Practice and Research Trends in Microgrids
    2.1 Introduction
    2.2 The Current Industrial Trends in Microgrid
    2.3 Current Research Tends in the world
    3. Key Technical Challenges in Protection and Control of Microgrid
    3.1 Challenges in Protection of Microgrids
    3.2 Challenges in Control of Microgrids
    3.3 Microgrid Hub station
    4. Short-Term Renewable Generation and Load Forecasting in Microgrids
    4.1 Basics and Classification of Renewable Generation Forecasting
    4.2 Basics and Classification of Load Forecasting
    4.3 Renewable Generation Forecasting Techniques
    4.4 Load Forecasting Techniques
    4.5 Accuracy Enhancement Techniques in Generation and Load Forecasting
    4.6 Application Examples
    4.6.1 Short Term Wind Forecasting using ….
    4.6.2 Day ahead PV forecasting using ….
    4.6.3 STFL using ….
    5. Fault and Disturbance Analysis in Microgrid
    5.1 Introduction
    5.2 Fault Analysis
    5.3 Distinguishing Faults from Dynamic and Transient Disturbances
    5.4 Advanced Algorithms
    5.4.1 Based on Voltage and Current THD Algorithm
    5.4.2 Park Transformation Based Algorithm
    5.4.3 Small Signal Wavelet Transform Based Algorithm
    5.4.4 Other Applicable Algorithms
    6. Protection of Microgrid
    6.1 Introduction
    6.2 Special Requirements of Microgrid Protection
    6.3 Difference in Protection Between Traditional Power System and Microgrid
    6.4 Design of Protection System Specially for Microgrid
    6.4.1 Differential Protection for Microgrid
    6.4.2 Overcurrent Protection for Microgrid
    6.4.3 Distance Protection for Microgrid
    6.4.4 Compound Voltage Protection for Microgrid
    6.4.5 Adaptive Protection for Microgrid
    6.4.6 Deep Learning Algorithm based on ANN
    6.4.7 Other Machine Learning Algorithms
    6.5 Centralized protection for Microgrid
    6.6 Protection of Microgrid for faults occurring within loops
    6.7 Protection of Energy Resources other than Electrical Energy
    7. Dynamic Control of Microgrids
    7.1 Introduction
    7.2 Dynamic Characteristic of Microgrids
    7.3 Design of Dynamic Disturbance Control System
    7.4 Identifying Different Kinds of Faults from Dynamic Disturbances
    7.5 Application Examples
    8. Transient Control of Microgrids
    8.1 Introduction
    8.2 Transient Characteristic of Microgrids
    8.3 Design of Transient Disturbance Control System
    8.4 Identifying different kinds of faults from Transient Disturbance behaviors
    8.5 Frequency and voltage ride-through
    8.6 Application Example
    9. Tertiary Control of Microgrid
    9.1 Optimal Energy Dispatching Control in Microgrids
    9.1.1 Introduction
    9.1.2 Optimal Energy Dispatching Algorithms for Microgrid
    9.1.3 Mathematical Modeling
    9.1.4 Role of Soft Computing Tools in Microgrid Control
    9.1.5 Application Examples
    9.2 Demand Side Management and Control of Microgrids
    9.2.1 Introduction
    9.2.2 Demand Side Management in Microgrids
    9.2.3 Demand Response Alternatives
    9.2.4 Intelligent Demand Response Algorithms
    9.2.5 Application Cases
    9.3 Energy Efficiency Control of Microgrid
    9.3.1 Advanced Energy Efficiency Services
    9.3.2 Classified Energy Consumption Data Analysis
    9.3.3 Energy Efficiency Assessment and Analysis Model
    9.3.4 Energy Efficiency Diagnosis and Optimization Model
    9.3.5 Energy Efficiency Data Statistics Report

    10. Communication Requirements of Microgrids
    Scope: This chapter is targeted at discussing the communication requirements and the available communication media and protocols for application Microgrids.  
    10.1 Introduction
    10.2 Role of Communication in Microgrids
    10.3 Communication Media for application in Microgrid
    10.3.1 Fiber Optics
    10.3.2 Cellular Communication
    10.3.3 Wireless Communication
    10.4 Communication protocols for application in Microgrid
    10.4.1 Internet Protocol
    10.4.2 Modbus
    10.4.3 Distributed Network Protocol
    10.4.4 IEC 61850
    11. Application Case of Industrial Park Microgrid Protection and Control
    11.1 Goldwind Microgrid
    11.1.1 Project Summary
    11.1.2 CCHP
    11.1.3 Design Scheme
    11.1.4 Water Storage Air Conditioning
    11.1.5 Electric Vehicle and V2G 
    11.1.6 Protection and Control Platform
    11.2 Jiaze industrial Microgrid
    11.3 Aocan Hebi Microgrid

Product details

  • No. of pages: 396
  • Language: English
  • Copyright: © Academic Press 2021
  • Published: June 23, 2021
  • Imprint: Academic Press
  • eBook ISBN: 9780128211960
  • Paperback ISBN: 9780128211892

About the Authors

Dehua Zheng

Dehua Zheng is a chief scientist with Goldwind Sc. & Tech. Co., Ltd of China. As the chief scientist of Goldwind, he devotes time to the research and development of energy internet and microgrid technology. D.H. Zheng holds more than 40 patents related to power electronics, energy internet and microgrid. He also has published more than 30 papers on high impact factor journals and international conferences.Dehua Zheng is a chief scientist with Goldwind Sc. & Tech. Co., Ltd of China. As the chief scientist of Goldwind, he devotes time to the research and development of energy internet and microgrid technology. D.H. Zheng holds more than 40 patents related to power electronics, energy internet and microgrid. He also has published more than 30 papers on high impact factor journals and international conferences.

Affiliations and Expertise

Goldwind Sc. and Tech. Co., Ltd, China

Wei Zhang

Wei Zhang is technical director of Microgrid Business Unit of Etechwin Electric Co., Ltd., Goldwind Sc. & Tech. Co., Ltd of China. He has won the national scholarship at master's degree in 2013 and the first prize of Shanghai postgraduate academic BBS for "new energy and power electronic technology". He has three invention patents on "dynamic stability control system and method for microgrid", "Load data acquisition device, predictive control device and load monitoring system" and "Control methods and equipment for super-capacitors in microgrid" and published many papers in the field of microgrid, energy internet and renewable energy integration.

Affiliations and Expertise

Etechwin Electric Co., Ltd, China

Solomon Netsanet

Solomon Netsanet Alemu is senior electrical engineer with Goldwind Sc. & Tech. Co., Ltd of China. Solomon was born in 1987 in Bahir Dar, Ethiopia. He obtained his bachelor degree in Electrical Engineering and M.Sc. in Electrical Power Engineering from Jimma and Arba Minch universities, and doctorate degree in Power system Automation from North China Electric Power University. He has served as lecturer and dean of faculty of engineering & technology in Wachemo University between 2011 and 2014. Solomon has been serving as R&D Engineer during 2015 – 2018 and senior electrical engineer since 2018 in microgrid R&D Centre of Beijing Etechwin/ Goldwind. He is engaged in researching, development and certification of products as well as preparation of standards. His research area include forecasting of renewable generation and load, microgrid protection, control, energy management and operation. He is an IEEE PES member. He has a copy right for a PV Forecaster software and published many papers in journals and conference proceedings.

Affiliations and Expertise

Goldwind Sc. and Tech. Co., Ltd, China

Ping Wang

Ping Wang graduated from North of China Electrical Power College in July, 1984, and studied automation and control major. He is working in Beijing Etechwin Electrical Co., Ltd. Of China, as director of marketing and business. He used to teach in Shenyang Electrical Power College.

Affiliations and Expertise

Beijing Etechwin Electrical Co., Ltd. , China

Girmaw Bitew

Girmaw Teshager Bitew received his Bachelor Degree in Electrical Engineering from Arba Minch University-Ethiopia in 2006, Master’s Degree in electrical power system from Addis Ababa University-Ethiopia in 2011 and Doctoral Degree in Power System and Its Automation engineering from North China Electric Power University-China in 2019. He had been a faculty member in Debre Markos University-Ethiopia for seven years. Currently, he is a senior electrical engineer in R&D department of microgrid at Goldwind Sc. & Tech. Co., Ltd of China. He is also engaged in the development and revision of the IEC standards on protection and control of microgrids. He is an IEEE member. His research interest covers protection and dynamic control in the areas of hydro-pumped storage power system, HVDC transmission, MVDC distribution, and microgrid with the application of power electronics. He has published more than 18 papers in journals and conference proceedings.

Affiliations and Expertise

Goldwind Sc. and Tech. Co., Ltd, China

Dan Wei

Dan Wei is a specialist in the application technology of hybrid energy storage in microgrid. She participates in drafting IEC international standards, including IEC/TS 62898-1 Microgrids – Guidelines for microgrid projects planning and specification, IEC /TS 62898-2 Microgrids-Guidelines for Operation, IEC /TS 62898-3-1 Microgrids-Technical Requirements-Protection and Dynamic Control.

Affiliations and Expertise

Beijing Etechwin Electric Co., Ltd, China

Jun Yue

Jun Yue is the consultant of Goldwind Sci & Tech Co., Ltd, Deputy group leader of Chinese Society of Electrical Engineering (CSEE) distributed generation and intelligent power distribution professional committee, Professor of Shenyang Institute of Engineering. His main research area includes distribution automation, relay protection, distributed system, microgrid and energy internet control.

Affiliations and Expertise

Goldwind Sci and Tech Co., Ltd, China

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