Microdialysis in the Neurosciences

1st Edition

Handbook of Clinical Neurology Series


  • T. E. Robinson
  • J. B. Justice
    • Print ISBN 9780444893758

    Table of Contents

    Preface. List of Contributors.

    SECTION I: Introduction to Microdialysis.

    Introduction to intracerebral microdialysis (U. Ungerstedt). Microdialysis compared with other in vivo release models (B.H.C. Westerink, J.B. Justice, Jr.).

    SECTION II: Issues of Quantification.

    Quantitative microdialysis (P.F. Morrison et al.). Practical aspects of using microdialysis for determination of brain interstitial concentrations (H. Benveniste, A.J. Hansen).

    SECTION III: Methodological Considerations.

    Microdialysis and liquid chromatography (P.T. Kissinger). Procedures for microdialysis with smallbore HPLC (H.O. Pettit, J.B. Justice, Jr.). The use of microdialysis in pharmacokinetics and pharmacodynamics (L. Ståhle). Brain dialysis of monoamines (G. Di Chiara). The feasibility of repeated microdialysis for within-subjects design experiments: studies on the mesostriatal dopamine system (T.E. Robinson, D.M. Camp).

    SECTION IV: The Application of Microdialysis in the Basic Neurosciences.

    A microdialysis and automated on-line analysis approach to study central cholinergic transmission in vivo (G. Damsma, B.H.C. Westerink). Monitoring extracellular norepinephrine in brain using in vivo microdialysis and HPLC-EC (E.D. Abercrombie, J.M. Finlay). Measurement of extracellular neuropeptides in the brain: microdialysis linked to solid phase radioimmunoassays with subfemtomole limits of detection (N.T. Maidment, C.J. Evans). Microdialysis for the study of hypothalamic and pituitary function (J.E. Levine et al). Microdialysis in large unrestrained animals: neuroendocrine and behavioral studies of acetylcholine, amino acid, monoamine and neuropeptide release in the sheep (K.M. Kendrick). On-line real-time monitoring of extracellular lactate, ethanol, glucose and choline using microdialysis and enzyme reactors (J. Korf et al.). Application of microdialysis to the study of


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