Microchemistry is an interdisciplinary area in which relevant results are presented and published in a range of fields including spectroscopy, optics, applied physics, electrochemistry and polymer science. This volume collects for the first time all the latest research and results and classifies them into five parts. Optical micromanipulation and creation, microfabrication and functionalization and dynamic microspectroscopy are novel methodologies for microchemistry where exploratory ideas and future perspectives are included. Microphotochemistry and microelectrochemistry and microphotoconversion are concerned with the relaxation dynamics and chemical reactions in small domains. This comprehensive, up-to-date review of the field will be of great interest to scientists and students working in these areas.

Table of Contents

Preface. Part I: Introduction. Microchemistry by laser and microfabrication techniques (H. Masuhara). Part II: Optical Micromanipulation and Creation Laser trapping and scanning micromanipulation of fine particles (K. Sasaki, H. Misawa). Optical harmony of microparticles in solution (N. Kitamura et al.). Photochemical microfabrication and machining of individual polymer particles in solution (H. Misawa, K. Sasaki). Microstereophololithography: a reality or a dream for tomorrow (S. Zissi et al.). Laser-controlled phase transition of aqueous poly(N-isopropylacrylamide) solution in micrometer domain (N. Kitamura et al.). Part III: Microfabrication and Functionalization. Photochemical micromodification of organic surfaces with functional molecules (N. Ichinose). Simultaneous microfabrication and functionalization of polymeric materials by laser ablation (N. Shimo, T. Uchida). Highly time- and space-resolved studies of superfast image production using laser ablation transfer (D.E. Hare, I.-Y.S. Lee, D.D. Dlott). Chemical dynamics of the interaction of ultraviolet laser radiation with organic polymers (R. Srinivasan). Micrometer patterning of organic materials by selective chemical vapor deposition (A. Sekiguchi, H. Masuhara). Scanning tunneling microscope tip-induced anodization for nanofabrication of metals and semiconductors (H. Sugimura, N. Kitamura). Fabrication of two-dimensional protein and colloidal arrays (K. Nagayama). Part IV: Dynamic Microspectroscopy. Three-dimensional space- and time-resolved spectroscopy using a confocal microscope (K. Sasaki, M. Koshioka). Time-resolved confocal microspectroscopic imaging (K.P. Ghiggino, P.G. Spizzirri, T.A. Smith). Morphology of organized monolayers by Brewster angle microscopy (R.C. Ahuja et al.). Transient absorption microspectroscopy of a single optically trapped particle (N. Tamai, S. Funakura, C. Porter). Picosecon


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