Key Features

  • Wide coverage of different animal types and their gut microbial ecology
  • Extensive and partly new information on the major microbial groups associated with the animal gastro-intestinal tract
  • The book is unique and partly new information and up-to-date information proved in the chapters as a whole

Table of Contents

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List of contributors

Part I. The flora and fauna of the developing GI tract

1. Development of the digestive tract of gnotobiotic animals, by A. Bomba, R. Nemcova and S. Gancareíkova

2. Metabolism and population dynamics of the intestinal microflora in the growing pig, by M. Katouli and P. Wallgren

3. Rumen protozoa in the growing domestic ruminants, by T. Michaowski

4. Microbial ecology of the digestive tract in reindeer - seasonal changes, by S.D. Mathiesen, R.I. Mackie, A. Aschfalk, E. Ringo and M.A. Sundset

5. Microbial ecology of the GI tract of the growing dog and cat, by J. Zentek

6. Molecular approaches in the study of gut micro-ecology, by A. Schwiertz and M. Blaut

7. Models of the gastro-intestinal tract to study microbial interactions, by M. Minekus

Part II. Pathogenicity in developing animals

8. Adhesins and receptors for colonization by different pathotypes of Escherichia coli in calves and young pigs, by B. Nagy, I. Toth and P.Zs. Fekete

9. The farm animal as potential reservoir of antibiotic resistant bacteria in the food chain, by G. Klein and C.M.A.P. Franz

10. Pathogenesis and the GI tract of growing fish, by T.H. Birkbeck and E.Ringo

11. Modelling of salmonellosis, by P.J. Naughton and G. Grant

12. Bacterial colonisation of avian mucosal surfaces, by R.M. La Ragione, D.G. Newell and M.J. Woodward

Part III. The immune response in growing animals
13. Mucosal immunity and bovine entero-mammary link: evolutionary established dialogue between antigen and arms of immune system, by M. Niemiatowski, A. Schollenberger and W. Klucinski

14. Development of the immune response in relation to bacterial disease in the growing fish , by A.E. Ellis

15. Development of lactobacilli for mucosal immunisation, by J.F.M.L. Seegers, C.E.G. Havenith, S.H.A. Kre


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