Meyler's Side Effects of Drugs 15E - 15th Edition - ISBN: 9780444510051

Meyler's Side Effects of Drugs 15E

15th Edition

The International Encyclopedia of Adverse Drug Reactions and Interactions

eBook ISBN: 9780444510051
Imprint: Elsevier Science
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Building on the success of the 14 previous editions, this remarkable reference has been extensively reorganized and expanded and now comprises almost 1,500 individual drug articles providing the most complete coverage of adverse reactions and interactions found anywhere. Each article contains detailed and authoritative information about the adverse effects of each drug, with comprehensive references to the primary literature making this a must have for any academic or medical library, pharmacologist, regulatory organization, hospital dispensary or pharmaceutical company.

Now available online for all academic, corporate or government institution as well as individuals via
Science Direct! The online version provides an unparalleled depth of coverage and functionality by offering convenient desktop access and enhanced features such as increased searchability, extensive internal cross-linking and fully downloadable and printable full-text, HTML or PDF articles.

Key Features

  • Enhanced encyclopedic format with drug monographs now organised alphabetically
  • Completely expanded coverage of each drug - thalidomide warranted three sentences in Meyler's 14th edition, but is now a 13 page extensive monograph
  • Clearer, systematic organization of information for easier reading including case histories to provide perspective on each listing
  • Extensive bibliography with over 40,000 references - Meyler's 15th edition incorporates all relevant citations from Meyler's 14th, but also includes relevant citations from previous editions of Meyler's and Side Effects of Drugs Annuals to give a historical perspective on the use and safety of drugs


Academic and medical libraries, clinical pharmacologists, pharmacists in the pharmaceutical industry, regulatory organizations, and hospital dispensaries

Table of Contents

Contributors Foreword Contents How to use this book Overview of Drug Monographs Preface Drug Monographs Index of Drug Names Index of Adverse Reactions


Elsevier Science
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"The reality of drug induced disease has certainly come to light with much effort and attention being placed on drug safety. With this encyclopedia, the practitioner is able to ascertain whether a patient's condition is iatrogenic/drug induced or idiopathic or, better yet, able to identify patients at risk for iatrogenic drug injury and develop strategies to prevent these events...As a pharmacy instructor and consultant in the area of drug induced disease, I am extremely impressed with the content and layout of this encyclopedia. It is one of the most complete yet user friendly publications on these disease states. It would be a worthwhile addition to medical, pharmacy, and other allied health school libraries." --Patrick J. McDonnell, PharmD, Temple University School of Pharmacy, for DOODY'S (4 Stars!)