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Contents. List of Contributors. Introduction. Purification of DNA (J.W. Dale). Electrophoretic Separation of Nucleic Acids (P.G. Sanders0. Preparative Gel Electrophoresis (J.C. Maule). Plasmid Isolation Procedures (A.I. Knight). Plasmid Isolation: column Methods (T.J. Hellyer0. Isolation of Large Plasmids (G.L. Jones and P.A. Williams). Isolation of Linear and Single-Strand Plasmid DNA (J.C. Alonso). Preparation of Bacteriophage &lgr; DNA (E. Norman). Purification of Viral RNA (J.E. Whitby, A.D.T. Barrett, A.D. Jennings, and P. Johnstone). Large Scale DNA Sequencing by Manual Methods (A.J. Davison and E.A.R. Telford). Pulsed-Field Gel Electrophoresis: Applications to Bacteria (P.R. Stewart, W. El-Adhami, and B. Inglis). Pulsed-Field Gel Electrophoresis: Large Scale Restriction Maps (N. Okahashi and T. Koga). Pulsed-Field Gel Electrophoresis: Isolation and Analysis of Large Linear Plasmids (H. Kinashi). Detection of Mutations by PCR-Single-Strand Conformation Polymorphism (A. Telenti). Analysis of DNA Supercoiling (K. Drlica, M. Malik, J.Y. Wang, A. Sasiak and R.R. Sinden). Gel Retardation Assays and DNA Footprinting (I.S. Goping, D.A. Underhill, and G.C. Shore). Southwestern Blot (G. Corte and M.T. Corsetti). Genomic Fingerprinting Using the PCR-Random Amplified Polymorphic DNA Technique (S.V.P.S. Silva and J.D. Procunier). PCR Walking (M.G. Burdon and J.J. Willoughby). Index.


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