A current and authoritative guide, Methods in Avian Embryology presents a combination of classical embryological techniques and modern molecular biological approaches to studying the developing avian embryo. The only one of its kind, this book is specifically devoted to providing a detailed approach to studying avian embryos. It also describes how to use this system to study problems in cell, developmental, and neurobiology. The protocols emphasize microsurgery, histology, and cellular and molecular marking, which are not covered in the usual molecular biology methods manuals. The methods include: embryonic transplantations, cell culture and organ culture, in situ hybridization, classical histological techniques, and retrovirally mediated gene transfer.

Key Features

@introbul:Key Features @bul:* Complete and easy-to-follow procedures * Helpful illustrations * Distinguished group of authors * Wide range of approaches


Graduate students and researchers in cell, developmental, and molecular biology, neurobiology, physiology, cytology, histology, and veterinary science. Avian studies have biomedical, genetic, and disease research applications as well.

Table of Contents

M.A.J. Selleck, Culture and Microsurgical Manipulation of the Early Avian Embryo. N. Le Douarin, F. Dieterlen-Lievre, and M.-A. Teillet,Quail-Chick Transplantations. M. Bronner-Fraser, Manipulations of Neural Crest Cells or Their Migratory Pathways. B.A. Williams and C.P. Ordahl, Manipulation of the Avian Segmental Plate in Vivo. K.W. Tosney, R.A. Oakley, M. Champion, L. Bodley, R. Sexton, and K.B. Hotary, Somite Strips: An Empryo Fillet Preparation. K.B. Hotary, L.T. Landmesser, and K.W. Tosney, Embryo Slices. J.W. Saunders, Jr., Operations on Limb Buds of Avian Embryos. S.E. Fraser, Iontophoretic Dye Labeling of Embryonic Cells. S.M. Leber, M. Yamagata, and J.R. Sanes, GeneTransfer Using Replication-Defective Retroviral and Adenoviral Vectors. B.A. Morgan and D.M. Fekete, Manipulating Gene Expression with Replication-Competent Retroviruses. M.A. Nieto, K. Patel, and D.G. Wilkinson, In Situ Hybridization Analysis of Chick Embryos in Whole Mount and Tissue Sections. K. Daniels, R. Reiter, and M. Solursh, Micromass Cultures of Limb and Other Mesenchyme. M. Ferguson, Organ Cultures and Chorioallantoic Grafts. R. Nishi, Autonomic and Sensory Neuron Cultures. D. Finlay, G. Wilkinson, R. Kypta, I. de Curtis, and L. Reichardt, Retinal Cultures. T. Lallier, Migration and Adhesion Assays. J. Sechrist and C. Marcelle, Cell Division and Differentiation in Avian Embryos: Techniques for Study of Early Neurogenesis and Myogenesis. H. Bortier, M. Callebaut, and L.C.A. Vakaet, Time-Lapse Cinephotomicrography, Videography, and Videomicrography of the Avian Blastoderm. Subject Index.


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