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Metallurgical Coatings and Thin Films 1990 - 1st Edition - ISBN: 9781851668137, 9780444601100

Metallurgical Coatings and Thin Films 1990

1st Edition

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Editor: B.D. Sartwell
eBook ISBN: 9780444601100
Imprint: Elsevier
Published Date: 1st January 1990
Page Count: 1127
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Metallurgical Coatings and Thin Films 1990 presents the Proceedings of the 17th International Conference on Metallurgical Coatings and 8th International Conference on Thin Films, held in San Diego, California on April 2-6, 1990. It contains 219 papers covering a wide range of topics related to metallurgical coatings and thin films, including high temperature coatings, hard coatings, diamond films, tribology, and ion beam modification.
Organized into 99 chapters, this volume begins with a discussion of a thermochemical model for diamond growth from the vapor phase and an experiment in large area diamond coating using a combustion flame torch in its traversing mode. It then explores the properties of diamond films, preparation of diamond-like carbon films using various ion-beam-assisted techniques, deposition of diamond-like films by laser ablation, and coating of cubic BN films on different substrates. The book examines surface processes and rate-determining steps in plasma-induced chemical vapor deposition, and addition of rare earths to improve scale adherence on heat-resisting alloys and coatings. The reader is introduced to high temperature wear and clearance control coatings, thermal barrier coatings, and corrosion resistant coatings. The book also discusses modification of coatings/surfaces to reduce friction; the mechanics of the tribology of thin films systems; mechanochemical interactions in the tribological behavior of materials; analysis and micromechanical testing of tribological coatings; surface modification using directed ion beams; and industrial equipment and processes. This book is a valuable resource for students and researchers interested in metallurgical coatings and thin films.

Table of Contents


In memorium

Publication schedule

Bunshah Award winners


Committee and Exhibitors

Preparation of diamond films

A thermochemical model for diamond growth from the vapour phase

Preparation and characterization of wide area, high quality diamond film using magnetoactive plasma chemical vapour deposition

An experiment in large area diamond coating using a combustion flame torch in its traversing mode

Properties of diamond films

The improvement of the adhesion strength of diamond films

Diamond crystal growth on silicon and its interfacial characterization

Microwave plasma chemical vapour deposition of diamond: its growth and characterization

Ion irradiation effects in diamond

Diamond-like carbon

Diamond-like carbon films prepared by various ion-beam-assisted techniques

Deposition of diamond-like films by laser ablation

A comparison of the properties of hard carbon films produced by direct gas deposition and plasma-assisted evaporation

Diamond-like carbon films for electroluminescent applications

Cubic BN films

Superhard Ti-B-C-N coatings

Synthesis of cubic BN from the gas phase by a new plasma chemical vapour deposition method using r.f. waves and a tungsten filament

The synthesis of cubic BN films using a hot cathode plasma discharge in a parallel magnetic field

Ion energy effects on the intrinsic stress in B% N, layers deposited by ion-beam-assisted evaporation

The possibility of coating cubic BN films on various substrates

Plasma, laser and conventional CVD

Surface processes and rate-determining steps in plasma-induced chemical vapour deposition: titanium nitride, boron carbide and silicon

Temperature and concentration dependence of SiC deposition on Nicalon fibers

Basic study on laser physical vapour deposition of ceramics

Influence of organochromium precursor chemistry on the microstructure of MOCVD chromium carbide coatings

Hard coatings and related properties

Electron microscopy studies of Nb-Al2 O3 a interfaces formed by molecular beam epitaxy

Fabrication of aluminum oxide films with high deposition rates using the activated reactive evaporation technique

Characterization and properties of TiN

The determination of residual stresses in thin coatings by a sample thinning method

Aspects of residual stress measurements in TiN prepared by reactive sputtering

Basic principles of specific applications of ceramic materials as protective layers

Hard coatings made by sputtering

Ion-assisted sputtering of TiN films

High rate reactive sputtering in an opposed cathode closed-field unbalanced magnetron sputtering system

The deposition of TiN at less than 150 °C by reactive magnetron sputter ion plating

Characteristics of a dual purpose cathodic arc/magnetron sputtering system

Hard coatings made by arc methods

Arc evaporation of hard coatings: process and film properties

Reduction in macroparticles during the deposition of TiN films prepared by arc ion plating

Macroparticles on TiN films prepared by the arc ion plating process

High temperature corrosion resistant coatings

Improvements of scale adherence on heat-resisting alloys and coatings by rare earth additions

Structure and high temperature performance of various palladium-modified aluminide coatings: a low cost alternative to platinum aluminides

In situ measurements of the mechanical properties of aluminide coatings

Interdiffusion and coating design

A comparison of several surface treatments for minimizing oxygen diffusion in β-processed titanium-6242 at 800 °C

Evaluation of adhesion of some metallic coatings on a depleted U-0.75Ti alloy

High temperature wear and clearance control coatings

Thermally sprayed coating systems for surface protection and clearance control applications in aero engines

Calculation of residual thermal stress in plasma-sprayed coatings

Modelling of residual stress in plasma-sprayed coatings: effect of substrate temperature

Thermal barrier coatings

Developments in r.f. plasma-assisted physical vapour deposition of partially yttria-stabilized

zirconia thermal barrier coatings

Thermal barrier coating life and isothermal oxidation of low-pressure plasma-sprayed bond coat alloys

Thermal response of various thermal barrier coatings in a high heat flux rocket engine

Plasma-sprayed yttria-stabilized zirconia coatings: structure-property relationships

Corrosion resistant coatings

Corrosion performance of layered coatings produced by physical vapour deposition

The structure and high temperature corrosion properties of chromized coatings

Electroless deposition of pure nickel, palladium and platinum

The pitting corrosion of zirconium and zirconium-niobium alloys in sulphate solutions containing chlorides at 300-373 K

Corrosion-resistant and hard 310 stainless steel-carbon coatings prepared by reactive d.c. magnetron sputtering

Basic properties of sputtered 310 stainless steel-nitrogen coatings

Influence of hexadecyl dithiocarbamate on phosphate surface chemical conversion coatings on mild steel

Production of electrotechnical cold-rolled sheets with corrosion-resistant coatings

Electrochemical and long-term corrosion studies of several alloys in bare condition and plasma sprayed with Cr203

Reduction of friction through coatings/surface modifications

Effect of film adhesion on tribological properties of silver-coated alumina

A study of the formation and self-lubrication mechanisms of boric acid films on boric oxide coatings

Modification of surface mechanical properties of high chromium tool steel by carbon-implanted codeposited Fe-Ti films

The use of solid ceramic and ceramic hard-coated components to prolong the performance of perfluoropolyalkylether lubricants

Friction and damage of coatings formed by sputtering polytetrafluoroethylene and polyimide

Cathodic sputtering for preparation of lubrication films

Oxygen substitution in sputter-deposited MoS2 films studied by extended X-ray absorption fine structure, X-ray photoelectron spectroscopy and X-ray diffraction

Chemical and tribological studies of MoS2 films on SiC substrates

Tribological properties of ceramic-(Ti3.Al-Nb) sliding couples for use as candidate seal materials to 700 °C

Wear resistance of ceramic, alloy, and composite coatings

The mechanics of the tribology of thin films systems

Fundamental and tribological properties of r.f.-sputtered TiN coatings in plastic manufacturing model wear tests

The influence of coating thickness on lubricated rolling contact fatigue life

Friction and wear properties of titanium nitride coating in sliding contact with AlSI 01 steel

Wear behaviour of r.f.-sputtered TiN, TiB2 and Ti(B,N) coatings on metal forming tools in a model wear test

Compositional, microstructural and morphological effects on the mechanical and tribological properties of chromium nitrogen films

Layer structure and mechanical properties of low pressure r.f. plasma nitrided Ti-6AI-4V alloy

The microstructures and microchemistry of a thermal-diffusion-boronized Co-Cr-W-C


Wear behavior of detonation gun tungsten carbide coated steel vs. aluminum

Ion-assisted coatings for tribological and electrical applications

Friction and damage of floppy disks

Coating resistance to erosion, corrosion and severe environments

Studies of mechanochemical interactions in the tribological behavior of materials

Properties of carbon films produced by r.f. plasma chemical vapour deposition

Development of coatings with improved corrosion resistance in sulfur-containing environments

Erosion and erosion-corrosion behavior of chromized-aluminized stainless steels at room and elevated temperatures

Evaluation of corrosion--erosion-resistant coatings for WC chokes used in heavy oil production

Erosion-corrosion of thermal spray coatings

Erosion of protective coatings

Analysis and micromechanical testing of tribological coatings

Comparative tribological and adhesion studies of some titanium-based ceramic coatings

Structural and energetic principles of the standardization of tribological tests

Influence of the intrinsic coating properties on the contact mechanical strength of perfectly adhering carbon-doped AISI 310 PVD films

Surface modification using directed ion beams

Modification of mechanical and chemical properties of thin films by ion bombardment

Material dependence of property modification in ion-assisted evaporation of iron, nickel and cobalt

Ion-assisted reactive deposition processes for optical coatings

Characterization of aluminium films deposited by ion-hearn-assisted ultrahigh vacuum evaporation

Surface modification using high energy ion bombardment

Copper-glassy carbon adhesion: improvement through 27Al+ implantation

Effect of lattice damage on impurity depth profiles in BF2+-implanted silicon

Processing of TiN/Ti metallization on silicon by arsenic ion implantation

Industrial equipment and processes

The application of hard coatings produced by plasma-assisted chemical vapour deposition

Characterization and production monitoring of thin films using soft X-ray spectroscopy

Characterization of a 1 kA vacuum arc plasma gun for use as a metal vapour deposition source

Surfprep flash-lamp depaint system evaluation

A novel process for application of titanium nitride coatings

An ion-plating apparatus incorporating a d.c. plasma gun with an LaB6 cathode

A novel plasma surface metallurgy: Xu-Tec process

The performance of high speed steel indexible inserts coated by physical vapour deposition in the milling of ductile materials

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© Elsevier 1990
1st January 1990
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