This volume of Current Topics in Membranes focuses on metal transmembrane transporters and pumps, a recently discovered family of membrane proteins with many important roles in the physiology of living organisms. The book summarizes the most recent advances in the field of metal ion transport and provides a broad overview of the major classes of transporters involved in homeostasis of heavy metals. Various families of the transporters and metal specificities are discussed with the focus on the structural and mechanistic aspects of their function and regulation. The reader will access information obtained through a variety of approaches ranging from X-ray crystallography to cell biology and bioinformatics, which have been applied to transporters identified in diverse biological systems, such as pathogenic bacteria, plants, humans and others.

Key Features

  • Field is cutting-edge and a lot of the information is new to research community
  • Wide breadth of topic coverage
  • Contributors of high renown and expertise


Researchers in biochemistry, molecular and cellular biology.

Table of Contents

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The Blossoming Field of Metal Transport Enters the Era of Mechanistic Research

Previous Volumes in Series

Chapter One Transferrin-Mediated Cellular Iron Delivery

1 Iron

2 Iron Homeostasis

3 Transferrin

4 The TFR

5 Recombinant Expression

6 Kinetics of Iron Release

7 Structure of the hTF/TFR Complex

Chapter Two Structure, Function and Binding Selectivity and Stereoselectivity of Siderophore–Iron Outer Membrane Transporters

1 Introduction

2 Siderophores

3 Structure of Siderophore–Iron TBDTs

4 Binding Sites of Siderophore–Iron TBDTs

5 Siderophore–Iron Transport by TBDTs

6 TBDT are Involved in Signaling Cascades

7 Conclusion

Chapter Three Iron Transport Machinery of Human Cells

1 Introduction

2 Iron Import across the Plasma Membrane

3 Iron Exporters and their Implications in Human Diseases

4 Intracellular Iron Transport and Iron Chaperones

5 Mitochondrial Iron Import and Export

6 Future Directions

Chapter Four Structure and Function of Copper Uptake Transporters

1 Introduction

2 CTR—A Conserved Family of CTRs

3 The Structure of Human CTR1

4 Implications for the Mechanism of Copper Transport

5 Copper Transport in the Physiological Milieu

6 Structure–Function Relations in CTR proteins

Chapter Five Toward a Molecular Understanding of Metal Transport by P1B-Type ATPases

1 Introduction

2 Mechanism

3 Structure

4 Future Directions and Challenges

Chapter Six Regulation of Copper Transporters in Human Cells

1 Copper Auto Regulates its Cytoplasmic Levels by Modulating the Amounts of a High-Affinity Transporter CTR1 at the Plasma Membrane

2 Regulation of Copper Export via Protein Trafficking and Kinase-Mediat


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