Metabolic Pathways - 2nd Edition - ISBN: 9781483229157, 9781483274522

Metabolic Pathways

2nd Edition

Second Edition of Chemical Pathways of Metabolism

Editors: David M. Greenberg
eBook ISBN: 9781483274522
Imprint: Academic Press
Published Date: 1st January 1961
Page Count: 828
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Metabolic Pathways, Volume II focuses on the metabolism, biosynthesis, and catabolism of amino acids. The selection first offers information on nitrogen and carbon metabolism of amino acids. Discussions focus on amino acids linked with citric acid cycle, sulfur amino acids, proline and hydroxyproline, histidine, hydroxyamino acids, urea biosynthesis and related systems, and deamidation.

The text then ponders on the biosynthesis of amino acids and related compounds and metabolism of sulfur-containing compounds. Topics include metabolism of methionine, biotin, biological importance of sulfur in animals, interconversions of glutamic acid, ornithine, and prolines, and biosynthesis of the branched-chain amino acids. The publication takes a look at the synthesis of proteins, purines and pyrimidines, and nucleotides and nucleosides, including the components of nucleotides, purine degradation, and incorporation of preformed purine compounds into nucleic acids.

The selection is a valuable reference for researchers interested in the metabolism, catabolism, and biosynthesis of amino acids.

Table of Contents


List of Common Abbreviations and Symbols

Contents of Volume I

13. Nitrogen Metabolism of Amino Acids

I. Scope

II. Deamination

III. Deamidation

IV. Transamination

V. Amino Acid Racemases

VI. Urea Biosynthesis and Related Systems

VII. Summary Remarks



14. Carbon Catabolism of Amino Acids

I. Scope of the Chapter

II. Amino Acids Linked with the Citric Acid Cycle

III. Glycine

IV. The Hydroxyamino Acids

V. The Aliphatic Branched-Chain Amino Acids

VI. Certain Amino Acids of Uncertain Biological Significance

VII. The Sulfur Amino Acids

VIII. Lysine

IX. Arginine and Ornithine

X. Proline and Hydroxyproline

XI. The Aromatic Amino Acids

XII. Histidine

XIII. Tryptophan

XIV. The 5-Hydroxyindole Pathway

XV. The Tryptophanase Pathway


15. Biosynthesis of Amino Acids and Related Compounds

I. Introduction

II. Biosynthesis of Serine and Phosphoserine

III. The Glycine-Serine Interconversion

IV. Formation of Phosphatide Bases

V. Biosynthesis of Threonine and Homoserine

VI. Interconversions of Glutamic Acid, Ornithine, and the Prolines

VII. Biosynthesis of the Branched-Chain Amino Acids

VIII. Biosynthesis of Lysine and Hydroxylysine

IX. Biosynthesis of Aromatic Amino Acids

χ. Biosynthesis of Tryptophan

XI. Synthetic Reactions Involving Tyrosine

XII. Biosynthesis of Histidine


16. The Metabolism of Sulfur-Containing Compounds

I. The Biological Importance of Sulfur in Animals

II. The Metabolism of Cysteine

III. The Metabolism of Methionine

IV. Glutathione

V. Lipoic Acid

VI. Biotin


17. The Synthesis of Proteins

I. Introduction

II. Studies on Protein Synthesis in Whole Cells

III. Studies on Protein Synthesis with Cell-Free Systems

IV. Evaluation of Results

V. Relationship between Protein Synthesis and Other Metabolic Activities of the Cell



References to Addendum

18. Purines and Pyrimidines

I. Introduction

II. Biosynthesis of the Purines

III. Incorporation of Preformed Purine Compounds into Nucleic Acids

IV. Summary of Purine Biosynthesis

V. Purine Degradation

VI. Biosynthesis of the Pyrimidines

VII. Pyrimidine Catabolism

VIII. Feedback Control of Purine and Pyrimidine Biosynthesis

IX. Comparative Utilization of Free Bases versus Elementary Precursors in Nucleic Acid Synthesis


19. Nucleotides and Nucleosides

I. General Introduction

II. Components of the Nucleotides

III. Ribonucleic Acid (RNA)

IV. Deoxyribonucleic Acid (DNA)

V. Coenzymes and Group Activation


20. The Metabolism of Heme and Chlorophyll

I. Introduction

II. Tracer Studies of Protoporphyrin Biosynthesis

III. Synthesis of α-Aminolevulinic Acid

IV. δ-Aminolevulinic Acid to Protoporphyrin

V. The Iron Branch of the Biosynthetic Chain and Some General Properties of Heme and Heme Proteins

VI. The Magnesium Branch of the Biosynthetic Chain and Chlorophyll Synthesis

VII. Metalloporphyrins Other Than Iron or Magnesium

VIII. Decomposition of Iron Protoporphyrin to Bile Pigments

IX. Biochemical Lesions in Porphyrin Metabolism


21. Thiamine

I. Biosynthesis

II. Further Metabolism

III. Thiamine Destruction

IV. Conclusion


22. Metabolic Pathways Involving Niacin and Its Derivatives

I. Biogenesis of Nicotinic Acid

II. Relative Effectiveness of Nicotinic Acid and Nicotinamide

III. Synthesis of Pyridine Coenzymes from Nicotinamide and Nicotinic Acid

IV. Enzymic Cleavage of DPN

V. The Pyridine Coenzyme Requirement of Hemophilus

VI. Metabolism of Pyridine Nucleotides in Vivo

VII. The Excretory Products of Niacin

VIII. Antagonists of Nicotinamide


23. The Biosynthesis of Flavin Derivatives

I. Biogenesis of Riboflavin

II. The Biological Decomposition of Riboflavin

III. The Synthesis of Flavin Derivatives

IV. Summary


24. Biogenesis and Metabolism of Folic Acid and Vitamin B12

I. Folic Acid Compounds

II. Vitamin B12 and Its Analogs


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