Does MEMS technology offer advantages to your company's products? Will miniature machines on a chip solve your application objectives for ôsmaller, better, cheaper, and faster'ö If you are a product development engineer or manager, the decision to design a MEMS device implies having an application and market. This book offers you a practical guide to making this important business decision. Here, both veterans and newcomers to MEMS device design will get advice on evaluating MEMS for their business, followed by guidance on selecting solutions, technologies and design support tools. You will see how experts from around the world have explored MEMS possibilities and achieved new breakthrough devices such as RF-MEMS for mobile telecommunications, micro-optics for internet hardware, catheter-based minimal-invasive operating theatre tools, and in vivo monitoring of exact dosage of medication in ailing patients. This handbook offers a wealth of analytical techniques treating problematic areas such as alternative designs reliability, packaging, and cost effectiveness.


Manufacturers and researchers in the following areas: optical and radio frequency switching applications, automotive electronics, computer peripherals, biomedical equipment, consumer electronics, biotechnology, telecommunications, and military electronics systems.

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1. Introduction (Jan Korvink) 2. Microtransducer Operation (Jan Korvink, Oliver Paul) 3. Material Properties: Measurement and Data (Osamu Tabata, Toshiyuki, Tsuchiya) 4. MEMS and MEMS Simulation (Jan Korvink, Evgenii B. Rudnyi, Andreas Greiner, and Zhenyu Liu) 5. System-Level Simulation of Microsystems (Gary Fedder) 6. Thermal Based Sensors (Friedemann Voelklein) 7. Photon Detectors (Arokia Nathan and Karim S. Karim) 8. Free-Space Optical MEMS (Ming Wu and Pamela R. Patterson) 9. Integrated Micro-Optics (Hans Zappe) 10. Magnetic Microsensors (Chavdar Roumenin) 11. Mechanical Microsensors (Franz Laermer) 12. Semiconductor-Based Chemical Microsensors (Henry Baltes, Andreas Hierlemann) 13. Microfluidics (Roland Zengerle, Jens Ducree) 14. Biomedical Microsystems (Michael Reed, Whye-Kei Lye) 15. Microactuators (Jack Judy) 16. Micromachining Technology (Patrick French, Pasqualina Sarro) 17. Interface Circuitry and Microsystems (Piero Malcovati, Franco Maloberti) Index


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"The editors have done an excellent job in providing a handbook that will help companies maintain their competitive advantage now and into the future. û Wolfgang Menz, The Albert Ludwig University