Membrane Separation Systems - 1st Edition - ISBN: 9780815512707, 9780815518273

Membrane Separation Systems

1st Edition

Recent Developments and Future Direction

Authors: R.W. Baker
Hardcover ISBN: 9780815512707
eBook ISBN: 9780815518273
Imprint: William Andrew
Published Date: 31st December 1991
Page Count: 466

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Discusses recent developments and future directions in the field of membrane separation systems. Describes research needed to bring energy-saving membrane separation processes to technical and commercial readiness for commercial acceptance within the next 5 to 20 years. Pays particular attention to identifying currently emerging innovative processes.

Table of Contents

Volume I

  1. Executive Summary References
  2. Assessment Methodology 2.1 Authors 2.2 Outline and Model Chapter 2.3 First Group Meeting 2.4 Expert Workshops 2.5 Second Group Meeting 2.6 Japan/Rest of the World Survey 2.7 Prioritization of Research Needs 2.8 Peer Review References
  3. Introduction 3.1 Membrane Processes 3.2 Historical Development 3.3 The Future References
  4. Government Support of Membrane Research 4.1 Overview 4.2 U.S. Government Supported Membrane Research 4.3 Japanese Government Supported Membrane Research 4.4 European Government Supported Membrane Research 4.5 The Rest of the World
  5. Analysis of Research Needs 5.1 Priority Research Topics 5.2 Research Topics by Technology Area 5.3 Comparison of Different Technology Areas 5.4 General Conclusions References Appendix A: Peer Reviewers' Comments A.1 General Comments A.2 Specific Comments on Applications Volume II Introduction to Volume II References
  6. Membrane and Module Preparation 1.1 Symmetrical Membranes 1.2 Asymmetric Membranes 1.3 Ceramic and Metal Membranes 1.4 Liquid Membranes 1.5 Hollow-Fiber Membranes 1.6 Membrane Modules 1.7 Current Areas of Membrane and Module Research References
    1. Pervaporation 2.1 Process Overview 2.2 Current Applications, Energy Basics and Economics 2.3 Industrial Suppliers<BR id="C


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